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Description : Small ingame loadout cheanger for planes and helicopters, save and load custom presets


In game '?' is only in english, if some one know english and russian perfectly any help will be accepted


How to import it in your map/scenario? Just add following text in files, and obviously files downloaded


class CfgFunctions

#include "ZLoad\functions.hpp"
#include "Zload\defines.hpp"
#include "Zload\dialogLoadout.hpp"
#include "Zload\dialogHelp.hpp"
#include "Zload\dialogSave.hpp"


[player,"MarkerNameFromEDITOR",20] spawn zlo_fnc_CreateZone;//[PLAYER,MARKERNAME,RADIUS]


[player,"MarkerNameFromEDITOR",20] spawn zlo_fnc_CreateZone;//[PLAYER,MARKERNAME,RADIUS]

just add all from file in mission to your stringable.xml(if exists, else just put in your mission folder)

-in editor add marker to use in scripts, it will be the marker near the menu will apear
(ps:sorry for my bad english)


Exemple :

_Radius_From_center = 20;
[_OBJ_TO_ADD_ACTION,"Zone_Center",_Radius_From_center] spawn zlo_fnc_CreateZone;
#v1.0 First Release

Download <-> Steam Workshop

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