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Need help to do the math to compute a artillery fire solution

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Hi, i m in the early stage of implenting an artillery computer that will replace the map click vanilla solution for players, and an artillery support request so player can give orders to tubes controlled by AIs.

For the player's arti comptuer, it is quite straight forward, he enters the map grid and altitude of the target and optionaly 2 corrections (in meters) in a UI, and hit the compute button, that will show him a rsrcTitle with the fire solution for the loaded mags.

For the arti support handled by the AIs, i could simply use the doWatch function, but i need to check that the AI can actualy setup the turret to hit the target, (bearing / angle turret's limitation).


So far, I managed to get the math to compute the fire solution (bearing, angle) to hit the target, but this will only be accurate if the vehicle is perfectly leveled.

Unfortuanly, i can't find a way to adjust the fire solution according to the vehicle's pitch and bank, this is way over my geometry skills.


Thx in advance for the help.



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I have found in the forum a mod that take the slopes into consideration, it is called CODI_ArtilleryComputer by Coding i think;

I still got to test the math he is using.

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