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  1. found the solution : _cfgRot params["_P", "_Y", "_R"]; _Y = deg _Y; _P = 360 - (deg _P); _R = 360 - (deg _R); { private _deg = call compile format [ "%1 mod 360", _x ]; if ( _deg < 0 ) then { _deg = linearConversion[ -0, -360, _deg, 360, 0 ]; }; call compile format[ "%1 = _deg", _x ]; } forEach [ "_P", "_R", "_Y" ]; private _up = [sin _R, -sin _P, cos _R * cos _P]; _obj setDir _Y; _obj setVectorUp _up;
  2. Hi, did you find a solution to this, i m having some hard time trying to do the same thing. this is what i should see : And this is what i got : Code used (this comes from the refactored LARS composition spawn script, but instead of composition, it uses mission.sqm) : _cfgRot params["_P", "_Y", "_R"]; _Y = deg _Y; _P = deg _P; _R = 360 - (deg _R); { private _deg = call compile format [ "%1 mod 360", _x ]; if ( _deg < 0 ) then { _deg = linearConversion[ -0, -360, _deg, 360, 0 ]; }; call compile format[ "%1 = _deg", _x ]; } forEach [ "_P", "_R", "_Y" ]; if ( _debug ) then { diag_log format["%1 => yawl: %2, pitch: %3, roll: %4", _color, _Y, _P, _R]; }; private _dir = [sin _Y * cos _P, cos _Y * cos _P, sin _P]; private _up = [[sin _R, -sin _P, cos _R * cos _P], -_Y] call BIS_fnc_rotateVector2D; _obj setVectorDirAndUp [_dir, _up]; debug returned : 17:46:46 "blue => yawl: 180, pitch: 315, roll: 0" 17:46:46 "green => yawl: 0, pitch: 45, roll: 0" 17:46:46 "red => yawl: 270, pitch: 0, roll: 315" 17:46:46 "yellow => yawl: 90, pitch: 0, roll: 45"
  3. I have found in the forum a mod that take the slopes into consideration, it is called CODI_ArtilleryComputer by Coding i think; I still got to test the math he is using.
  4. Hi, i m in the early stage of implenting an artillery computer that will replace the map click vanilla solution for players, and an artillery support request so player can give orders to tubes controlled by AIs. For the player's arti comptuer, it is quite straight forward, he enters the map grid and altitude of the target and optionaly 2 corrections (in meters) in a UI, and hit the compute button, that will show him a rsrcTitle with the fire solution for the loaded mags. For the arti support handled by the AIs, i could simply use the doWatch function, but i need to check that the AI can actualy setup the turret to hit the target, (bearing / angle turret's limitation). So far, I managed to get the math to compute the fire solution (bearing, angle) to hit the target, but this will only be accurate if the vehicle is perfectly leveled. Unfortuanly, i can't find a way to adjust the fire solution according to the vehicle's pitch and bank, this is way over my geometry skills. Thx in advance for the help.
  5. Thx, for the reply. But i was really hoping there was a more elegant solution to this. As i told in the previous post, expecting a player to start moving with a black screen + welcome message on his screen is not a good solution, some of them will just sit there waiting for the fadeOut ;).
  6. already tried, triggered too soon :( But i forgot to tell that i use that function to auto skip the briefing, like this in a preInit function : if !( hasInterface ) exitWith {}; if !( isMultiplayer ) exitWith {}; if !( isNumber(missionConfigFile >> "briefing") ) exitWith {}; if ( getNumber(missionConfigFile >> "briefing") <= 0 ) exitWith {}; [] spawn { waitUntil { if ( getClientStateNumber >= 10 ) exitWith {true}; private _dsp = [52, 53] select (isDedicated); if !( isNull findDisplay _dsp ) exitWith { ctrlActivate (findDisplay _dsp displayCtrl 1); findDisplay _dsp closeDisplay 1; true }; false }; }; EDIT: I also tried binding "ChildDestroyed" on allDisplays and "Destroy" on allControls of those displays, nothing is triggered when the loading screen goes away... I guess a workaround would be to wait a for keyDown event on display #46, but even that is not a solution in my case, as i got a PLAIN cutRsc before, and i can not wait for an user input to start fading it away and display my rules.
  7. Hi, I got a little trouble, i m trying to display a server rules rscTitles followed by a dialog (10s later) allowing the player to close the rules, either by hitting ESc or clicking on the button. All is working perfectly on that side. The issue i m having is that when hosted on a dedicated server, the rscTitles is displayed when player is still in the loading screen, and thus my 10s timeout is pretty mutch over when player sees the rules and thus is able to get rid of them almost directly. So is there a way to know when player is actualy in-game ? i tryed a waitUntil that checks the presence of the display #46, without success; it is created before loading screen goes away. I also checked for the presence of loading displays with : uiNamespace getVariable ["Loading_displays", []]; Unfortunatly even once the loading is completed and player is in-game, that display remains. I also checked for the presence of the different RscDisplayLoading idd 101, 102, ,103, those are never present.
  8. Hi, first of all, great script, I refactored it to fit my project and added simpleObject support to it, But after changing some varNames in a composition, i got almost every object floating in the air. Working compo : https://bitbucket.org/bgillissen/direct-action/src/ac291e972057667309671da651a07e00e77bbdc6/scripts/feats/baseAtmosphere/Tanoa/tuvanaka.sqe?at=master&fileviewer=file-view-default Broken Compo : https://bitbucket.org/bgillissen/direct-action/src/8907ddbc258bffaaea311e1a4a4bc7f2000d4536/scripts/feats/baseAtmosphere/Tanoa/tuvanaka.sqe?at=master&fileviewer=file-view-default The only thing i can think of, is that i probably changed the "Toggle vertical mode" and "Toggle surface snapping" values, I tryed to export the composition again with all the possible combinations of thoses value, and it always ends up with floating objects. ho yeah i forgot, i spawn the compo as it was placed in the editor with those args : [_comp, [], [0,0,0], 0, false, false] Link to the working compo mission.sqm : https://bitbucket.org/bgillissen/direct-action/src/ac291e972057667309671da651a07e00e77bbdc6/missionFiles/tanoa/tuvanaka/mission.sqm?at=master&fileviewer=file-view-default I fxed my issue by changing the line : _obj setPosWorld _pos; from _fnc_setPositionAndRotation into _obj setPosATL [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, _ATLOffset]; i still don't get why suddently the composition did not spawn at the right altitude.
  9. Moving Arma3Sync application to the repository drive fixed the issue on my windows 10. but i had the same issue on my ubuntu later on, i think you should consider removing the existing zip file size from the necessary space computation. i was forced to remove all .zip file to be able rebuild the repo after the addition of a 8G mod, while 30G were still free on the partition. great software by the way..
  10. Hi guys, i m having a little trouble with Arma3sync. i m trying to build a repository for my team, but i keep getting the message "Not enough free disk space on disk to add compressed pbo files into repository." i m a bit lost as there is more than enough free disk space on that drive to complete the build (close to 1T) i successfully builded the repository with those mods : @CAF_AG1.5 @CBA_A3 @CPC_TRYK_patch_[v1.0] @hlcmods @MELB @RH Pistol pack 1.11-A3 @RH_acc @RH_m4 @SCARrelease @task_force_radio @TRYK But if i add @RHSUSAF or @RHSAFRF, i get the error message about free disk space. note that i successfully builded an other repository with @RHSUSAF and @RHSAFRF. edit: i do not have that trouble under ubuntu-15.10