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[SP/MP][COOP] GLR_Save Injured_06_WW2

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I have a released another WW2 mission on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1121098414



MISSION SETTINGS: TYPE = Coop; PLAYERS: Min = 1 , Max = 17; RESPAWN = Side (including Teamswitch).<br/>
MAP: WW2:Omaha(I44); TIME: DayTime<br/>
Injury system: BIS Basic<br/><br/>

We are a single infantry squad protecting an injured tank crew until an evac team can arrive.<br/> <br/> 

Intel reports that an advancing enemy force consists of:<br/> 
- one half track;<br/> 
- at least 3 tanks; and<br/> 
- about 30 soldiers.<br/> <br/> 

We have been order to hold the village until it is safe to call in a rescue vehicle to evacuate the injured crew.<br/><br/> 

Radio for armoured support (1 Sherman and 1 Stuart) when you need it.<br/> <br/> 

We have two medics to support us. Call them via the SUPPORT MENU: "F1-5-1".<br/><br/> 

Radio for the evac team when you think it is safe to evac the injured.<br/> <br/> 

We have been ordered to hold the current village.<br/><br/> 

Our squad must :<br/>
- stop the incoming enemy until the evac team can collect the injured:<br/> 
- call the evac team when it is safe;<br/>
- protect the evac vehicle until it gets to a safe evac location.<br/> 
- save at least one of the injured.<br/> <br/> 

While not required to play this mission we do use the "CUP Low Grass Addon" when we play. You can find it's download link in this description: <br/>
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=293256076 <br/><br/>

Units: one 11 man infantry squad and 6 crew in 2 Tanks (all can be AI or player). <br/>
Scenes: Short Intro and multiple win and lose outros; <br/>
Tasks: 6 tasks to complete; <br/>
Time to complete: 30 minutes (approx). <br/><br/>

HAVE FUN and ENJOY...Remember it is just a game.<br/><br/>

If this rates well (ie Thumbs Up) I will release some more of the missions we play.



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