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So after a 1000 hours in Arma 3 i play a Zeus op with some friends and i shut down my arma. Then about 2 hours later i try to load up my arma once more but after 30 minutes looking at the Arma 3 Apex start up logo it still haven't loaded up. I've spent the last 10 hours removing mods, trying vanilla, verified about 100 times, re-installed twice, both mods and arma itself. Then i finally had an idea, after messing with the parameters i turned on force windowmode and it actually worked arma was running with perfect fps, but when i try to change the view mode to full window it drops to 2 fps, and when i go into actual fullscreen the game freezes and nothing happens. Now i'm still sitting at 02:25 unable to play arma in fullscreen mode, i've never had any issues before and it's kinda hard running an arma 3 group with out the possibility of actually playing arma. 


Please come with some troubleshoots that i haven't mentioned

Or an actual tutorial how to fix this issue.

Thanks :)

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