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This is my first forum post here so if this is not in the right place feel free to move it,


I, and probably others, have noticed that the gun depression values on some tanks are incorrect as compared to their real-life counterparts.

This includes the MBT-52 Kuma (Leopard 2 revolution) and the Slammers (Merkava MK4).


I have looked into the files and for the Kuma it appears to have -9°, this however isn't what we have in game because they changed it in patch 1.58.

The cannon was clipping the back end of the vehicle (and still is) so they gave it -5° to stop it from clipping.

But because elevation angles are uniform this overrides the -9°....

I suggest making two "gun depression variables", one for the "maximum" minimum elevation (-9°)
and one for the "minimum" minimum elevation (0°).
There should also be a transition between the two.


Below I have a link to the feedback ticket, of you want Bohemia to fix this or take a look at it, please comment on that feedback ticket so it can get some traction :)



Thank you for your time!





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There was mistake in the config - it should be fixed in next week, after release of Laws of War DLC & rising data lock. Bear in mind, that it's not going to be exactly nine degrees since it's future version with autoloader & those are know to reduce elevation ranges.

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