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Problem when save and load mission

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In my scenario i have soldier which variable name is (me) and then there is Support Requester which name is support and then Support Provider Artillerry (Virtual) which is name "here_is".


Then i have syn to Provider to Requester and Requester to my soldier. Now i start playing this scenario multiplayer and all works fine but when i save game and load it again Support is disappeared. I can't use it. Why? What i have to do so i can fix this problem?



I wrote in initPlayerLocal.sqm this line:


support synchronizeObjectsAdd [me];



Ask if you need some pictures. I will put those!



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Make sure it's connected this way:

  1. Artillery guns connected to provider module
  2. Player connected to requester module
  3. Provider module connected to requester module

Are you sure you named the file initPlayerLocal.sqm instead of .sqf? .sqf is the proper file extension, the .sqm will do nothing.


After testing this in local hosted MP when saving and resuming the mission the icon for the added support doesn't show up, and the artillery module stops working. In SP only the icon doesn't show up while the module is still functional after reload. Seems to be a bug.




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