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NodeBB Mission/Event Attendance & Slotting Plugins

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Hi Guys,


Just want to quickly highlight two interconnected plugins we are developing for nodeBB. Both plugins are meant to feel native in nodeBB style.



Although work is still in progress we already put them into daily use. We cant offer descriptions how to install nodeBB or the plugins themselves though. If you want to use this software, keep in mind we are still actively developing and some functions are customized for our own needs. If you happen to be a dev this wont be a big problem for you. Feel free to join our discord if you are stuck (best ask for Fusselwurm) : https://discord.gg/ZDqp45q



Plugin Attendance

Allows users to self manage their attendance and displays overall attendance and own attendance in event list as well as in particular event.


Plugin Slotting

Allows users to self manage slotting for a mission in a beautiful ORBAT like structure. Creation in backend is managed via XML input.




  • scales well across devices (responsive)
  • nodeBB group restrictions possible for single slots/sections
  • nodeBB Notifications if someone slots/attends in a followed topic
  • kick from slot for admins
  • drag & drop users from/into slots for admins
  • display all NATO symbols available in ARMA3
  • display fireteam, squad, platoon and company hierarchy
  • easy implementation of custom callsigns, slotnames and shortcodes





How to create a slotting list (german only so far)



Source Code



(Yes, we dont mind if you want to to fix our bugs or want to contribute in any way)

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* Slotlists can be added via a drag & drop interface

* Share Links can be created for external partners to slot in without forum registration

Thanks to the amazing work by @chris5790


There are considerations to leave nodeBB as a backend dependency but probably not too soon.

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