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How to make a static weapon shoot a far away target

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Hello ! 

I'm creating a mission in wich an Ai mortar team has to shoot a target located in an other area of the town. 


I've tried many things without succeeding.


To try to figure out my problem, in a simplier scenario, I made a soldier shoot a car with this :

team1 reveal car1;

soldier doTarget car1;

soldier dofire car1;


ps : it work fine with a trigger, but the car must not be hidden from the soldier's view


Then I tried placing the soldier in a mortar or a DShKM UAZ. He targeted the car but didn't shoot.


So where the problem comes from according to you ? Am I missing a command somewhere ? Must the unit see it's target ? 


Thanks for your answers ! :wink_o:

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On 25/06/2017 at 9:04 PM, sarogahtyp said:

I think u need artillery specific commands here like


Yes, it looks like what I am looking for ! Thanks !

I will try this tomorrow.

Do you know where I can get the exact name of mortar ammo ?

In my mission the mortar team is supposed to (constantly) shoot flares (so I will have to loop that and add some sleep).


Edit :
Here's what I managed to do. It works as intended with a trigger.

[]spawn { 
while  {alive OfficerMortar} do { 
mortar1 doArtilleryFire [[4333.463,4411.297,0],"rhs_mag_3vs25m_10",1];
sleep (random 1 +2);
mortar2 doArtilleryFire [[4346.318,4333.674,0],"rhs_mag_3vs25m_10",1];
sleep (random 3 +1);
mortar3 doArtilleryFire [[4379.654,4261.604,0],"rhs_mag_3vs25m_10",1];   
sleep 30 ; 

You can even write

_unit doWatch [direction];

in the init. field of each mortar so that it doesn't move between each salve.

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