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Dallas Medina

Experimenting with attachTo and setVectorDirAndUp: an easier way?

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So I've been experimenting in the editor, trying to make "standoff" armor for APCs, make big ridiculous armored gun trucks, things like that. Basically the kind of makeshift DIY stuff we see in Iraq and Syria. Naturally, I'm using the attachTo and setVectorDirAndUp commands in each objects init field for this. This is an EXTREMELY time consuming and tedious process, as I have to fiddle around with the X,Y,Z coordinates of every piece and then hit "play scenario" just to test the placement of each piece and then end it, make guestimates, rinse, wash, repeat.


Is there a way to do this easier? Like maybe some mod or addon or something that lets me just sync the object to the vehicle and then move it around with the mouse? Or maybe see my X/Y/Z coordinate adjustments in real-time in the editor, as opposed to having to start the scenario each time to see the placement? I've got some really cool ideas, but my god is this a pain in the ass lol.


Here's some WIP/ideas I'm messing with now:ArmA%203%2006.22.2017%20-%2010.51.25.04.ArmA%203%2006.22.2017%20-%2010.51.45.05.ArmA%203%2006.22.2017%20-%2010.49.51.01.ArmA%203%2006.22.2017%20-%2010.50.19.03.


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You may be better asking in the Eden editor section where plugins have been made for various things,I don't know about this one though.


I didn't find it too difficult rotating objects using the widget but it was the attachto command that messes things up.


The best I came up with was to place this in the objects init

Vup = vectorUp this ; Vdir = vectorDir this;this ATTACHTO [CAR];this  setVectorDirAndUp [Vdir,Vup];

It captures the vectors and the re applies them after attachto there is one issue though after reapplying sometimes they are a little lower. I think that happens if they're tilted.

That's the only thing I had to guess


Seems like there is a function  which does more or less the same thing  

[this, car] call BIS_fnc_attachToRelative


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