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Hello guys,


I'm trying to find a mission with the Original CTI 16 Warfare in Takistan with AI Air Units and airports where i can buy Aircrafts. As i searched for a solution i have seen threads but mostly they were for normal Arma 2 in chernarus or Warfare Bennys Edition (I hate it).

Of course i tryed to get it working by myself, but i can't get it function, so i ask here now to help me get that working.

If anyone can help me , It would be nice if you can just send me the mission folder with all files in it. Would be very nice.


Here is a short note with all Information again:


Game: Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead (Standalone)

Mission: CTI 16 Warfare in Takistan

My Goal: The Vanilla Warfare just with AI Air Units and The ability to buy Aircrafts on the Airport


I hope anyone have time to help me with this problem.


Best regards,


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Just copy the airport from the warfare mission templates and paste into your mission.  But AI won't buy from it.


Follow this thread


Then do the same for planes.  Just need to move them into one of the vehicle factories.


You can have the plane spawn at airport with Server_BuyUnits.sqf.  I'd just have them spawn in air at base.


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