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Cannot Connect to Official Servers After Multiple Valdidations.

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Started up arma 3 this morning to check out a small number of mods, disabled them and came back later tonight to play vanilla.


  1. Started without mods.
  2. Servers loaded up
  3. Noticed the Official servers playercount was unusually low.
    Normally the amount of Master (insert map here) Zeus (NATO) was normally about 4-5 servers maxed or nearly full, but it looked more like 2-3 or so.
  4. Tried to connect to an empty server, mid-sized server, KOTH server.
  5. Connection lasted a while, connecting failed is all I got.
  6. Exited, reverified for 30 minutes or so with one file being reacquired(that's another thing, why does it take so long to validate?)'
  7. Restarted Arma.
  8. Same thing happened last time.
  9. Restarted computer.


Okay, so I connected to the Master Altis 48+2 server, forgot which one it was. Turns out it's specific servers you can't connect to.

Currently validating now, will update OP accordingly.


Alright, so everything is in working order, could I get a mod to close/lock the topic?


I'll ask somewhere else as to why validation in arma takes so long.

Edited by Victruso
Problem has been resolved.

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