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Helo / VTOL max engine power too low?

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I noticed the little bird is much harder to fly after the last update (1.70), it seems underpowered and very fragile. If you go in a steep climb the rotor RPM decreases rapidly. Helo damages easily or loses power with fast manoeuvres. Max speed seems decreased.


Max speed seem to be decreased for VTOLS as well.


I have a lot of experience flying helo's in Arma, I try to fly the helo's and VTOLS in a realistic manner. Advanced flight model and HOTAS.


- Am I right that things have changed in this regard with the last update?

- Are these features or bugs?

- Does it have to do with my throttle setup? (engine power range seems normal, goes from 0-100, engine mapped to both throttle axes +/-)


Thanks for any enlightenment.

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