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As I was surfing down in YouTube, looking about to do stuff with the trigger (ambush, ai come when trigger activated, helicopter insertion/extraction, etc)

I found this video 


So skipped to the trigger part, did everything. (Setuping a ambush and that) and it worked, everything was fine and all of that. But when I did it the second time, I did everything it said, and did everything correct, but the AI just ignored the trigger and still was going to the waypoints I've given them when those waypoints were supposed to be activated (ai supposed to go to the waypoint) when the trigger IS activated.


And now I'm here, liking to know if anybody would like to come and help me fix this... Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section, as I'm new to this website.


Oh also, to the people who would like to know what I did here what I did.


Putted BLUFOR, setted an waypoint that is going to a trigger that is gonna get activated when it detects the BLUFOR inside the trigger area.


I've putted Independent/OPFOR (pretty sure it doesnt matter which of them ive placed as i just want them to at least go to the trigger when it gets activated) made the trigger set to

Type: Gaurded by Independent (in my case i putted independent just to test to see if trigger and all of that stuff work, and yes independent are allied with the blufor)

Activation: BLUFOR

Activation Type: Present


Made two waypoints to Independent, one that is close to the Independent, which will have the "Set Waypoint Activation" thingy connected to the trigger, and the second waypoint that is going TO the trigger.


I have no idea if I did any mistakes as I'm a rookie when it comes to AI stuff and scripts. This is what I suppose to do to create an ambush or something like that...


pls help me im a poor little person that wants to have fun on arma's eden editor


Oh also, sorry for any misspells that I've done/not making some stuff make sense/not giving enough details to understand the problem, thanks!



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Oh also, I accidentally did a wrong timing on the link I've sent for the video. And when I try to edit to put an other link with the correct timing of the video it doesn't work and shit makes me gets pissed now pls help ;(


And here's the correct timing of the link to the video.

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Try  setting Guarded by Independent to none  it's not needed for what your doing.







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As @f2k sel says do not use Guarded triggers. Guarded triggers are a special type that are deleted when the mission is loaded and are kept internally in the engine as position for groups to move to when they are given a guard waypoint.


You can easily see this by

  • place a BLUFOR group
  • give them a guard waypoint at their placed position

place a trigger some where away from the group so they are not near it and give it a small area

  • set its type to guarded by BLUFOR
  • set its Activation to BLUFOR
  • set its activationType to Present
  • set to repeatable
  • set its variable name to myTrig
  • set its onActivation to hint "blufor in trigger"

Now when you preview the mission, notice the group will head straight for the trigger as they have a guard waypoint and the nearest guard point is the trigger guarded by BLUFOR.

When they reach the trigger no hint is displayed.

Open the debug console and in one of the watch lines type myTrig notice there is no value displayed as it has been removed by the engine.

In another watch line type allmissionobjects "emptyDetector" notice the trigger is definitely missing. Again as above a guarded trigger is a special type that is deleted by the engine and used internally by the engine for groups with a guarded waypoint.

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