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[SP][CUP] Steal the Helo | Long Day (Arma 2 Remakes)

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Two of my older Arma 2 missions, ported to Arma 3 using awsome CUP modification.

I mainly created these to familiarize myself with 3den Editor. As there seems to be lack of quality singleplayer scenarios, I decided to release them for everyone to enjoy.



Steal the Helo




"Sneak on the enemy island at night, steal the helo and escape."
A stealthy Spec-Op mission, based on the OFP classic 'Steal the Car'.




  • Random patrols
  • Random enemy positions
  • Enemies react to explosions, gunfire and dead bodies
  • Enemy may call reinforcements if you are spotted
  • Weapon selection in briefing
  • Disable enemy communication
  • Disable power supply






Required Addons:








  • Detect Dead Bodies based on detect.sqs by alimag

Beta Testers:

  • Undeceived

Thanks to:

  • BI for Arma 2 / 3
  • AssaultMissionStudio







@Assault Mission Studio




Long Day







Six weeks ago, paramilitary Chedaki troops have occupied the province of Podagorsk. Many members of the government were kidnapped or killed. The military was disbanded, much of the troops have fled or have joined the Chedaki. Occasionally, guerrillas have formed to try to fend off the Chedakis again. So far without success. According to reports the Chedaki proceed with extreme brutality. Everyone who is suspected to resist them is immediately arrested or killed. Executions even of civilians are a daily occurrence. From reliable sources, we know that the paramilitary Chedaki are cited by Pavel Soleveychik.
Soleveychik is sought for years by our intelligence agencies because of numerous war crimes. But so far he has never stayed in one place long enough to be captured. This time we will not stand back and wait. Pavel Soleveychik needs to be caught...
Your task will be to take three important strategic objectives in the inland to prepare a large-scale invasion.

Intro Trailer:


  • Somewhat-dynamic RPG-style mission
  • Your actions and decisions will affect the further course of the mission
  • Optional / hidden objectives
  • Some random stuff
  • Average playing time: 3-5 hours (maybe more)
  • Weapon selection in briefing
  • Selectable difficulty setting and other options
  • Reinforcements and air support available later in mission
  • Lots of other stuff I forgot to mention




Hints & Tips:
There is a total of 20 objectives. Several of them are optional, some are mutually exclusive. The maximum number of objectives you can achieve in one single playthrough is 18. The minimum for a successful playthrough is 10.

There are eight different endings at six stages during the mission. Some are good, others are bad. But to successfully complete the mission, you must complete the “final” objective.

Throughout the mission there are seven “pieces” of Intel hidden at different locations, leading to two hidden objectives. You don’t have to find all of them, but to complete the final objective, you obviously need to find something leading you there.

In addition to the above, there are four hidden sidetasks, which will prompt you with different rewards – if you manage to find the final objective.

And yes, it is of course possible to find Soleveychik. Keep your eyes open.




Required Addons:




Known Bugs:
Pond objects cause quite some trouble in combination with high fog settings.

The fog at the beginning of the mission is a design element which will not be changed. It will however be gone after 20-30 minutes and there won’t be any fog later in the mission.

I suggest you stay away from the ponds during this time.





  • Air Support by Draper
  • Fire and Smoke Effects by BI
  • Additional Compositions taken from Arma 2
  • Suicide Animation taken from Arma 2


  • Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14: “Moonlight Sonata”
  • Operation Flashpoint and Arma 2 Soundtracks

Beta Testers:

  • Zipper 5
  • Onkel Bo
  • Stoned Boy

Thanks to:

  • BI for Arma 2 / 3
  • AssaultMissionStudio
  • Onkel Bo








Dos & Don'ts (aka Licensing crap): (oh how I miss the times where this wasn't necessary...)

You may download and play these missions. You may enjoy or dislike them. You may give feedback, report bugs or tell me to stop wasting your time. You may un-pbo these to look how it's done or to laugh at my scripting skills. You may use any part of these (provided they were created by me) for your own missions, as long as you give proper credit.

You may not re-release these missions in any edited form. You may not upload these to Steam Workshop. You may not make any form of money with these missions or any part of them. This includes, but is not limited to: server monetization, monetization of youtube videos, pay to play, pay to win, pay to join, pay to pay or any other form of donation.




Got a few bucks to spend?

Nowadays it's all about the money, isn't it? Should I now add a PayPal link to all my posts? I don't think so. If you really want to donate something, don't look at me. I have a job to earn some money, I have a home, enough to eat, I can even afford a car and I have time to play video games. If you want to donate, there are others who actually need all the help they can get. Donate to World Wildlife Fund, Sea Shepherd, GoodPlanet or (if you prefer to help humans instead of nature) to UNICEF, the International Committee of the Red Cross or any other charity organization of your choice. There are enough out there. Those are the people who really need your donations.


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Tried "Steal The Helo" the other day - it's a very good mission which I absolutely can recommend to every one!


I managed to play it without firing one single shot - but of course if you fuck it up (or if you want to) you can make hell break loose on the island and the author implemented a reinforcements system too.


The mission is well elaborated - so do not think this will be a walk in the park like the very first "Steal the car" mission in OFP. :icon_biggrin: It's way bigger and suspenseful!


Good to see this here too, Clayman! Have to try your other one as well............ If I get some time. :)

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