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Can't join any game

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Since yesterday I experience issues connecting to all servers. At the moment i'm unable to connect to any server. I've tried the following:


start arma 3 without mods

reinstall battleye

reinstall arma 3

reinstall steam with arma 3

verify game files

delete everything arma 3 related, reinstalled and verified after install

I also see extremly high pings in the in-game server browser.

I also experience lag freezes when the server browser wants to refresh



Sometimes the game is able to join a server, but when I need to select a team I can't select a role and I have to disconnect. I'm pretty done at the moment, since i'm reading a lot of this on the internet, without any fix.


Is there anything I can still try?

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I'm struggling with my own issue, but I've found few interesting tricks that might help you during my bug research:



- In-game press shift+numpad "minus" and type FLUSH

- Try arma 3 development build (via steam/properties/beats)

- Use command in: windows/launch/CMD - type: "ipconfig/flushdns"

- Try login with different profile

- Ensure that arma and battle.eye have AV and firewall exceptions, also try to connect with AV disabled

- Disconnect any redundant USB devices (joystick, camera, dildos, external drives etc)

- Launch steam with/without admin privileges

- Launch steam in both online and offline mode


 You can also try some stuff with router, like:

- good old router restart

- check if router firmware/drivers are up to date

- If you can, try wireless connection if you use cable (and contrary, the other way around - cable if you use wifi)

- Check router firewall status

- use some site like speedtest to check if your connection is ok (if it is "fluent", and as for speed the default accepted max on arma servers is 200ms I belive)

- Update network interface card drivers


Hope some of this might help, GL.

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