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  1. marcojacobs

    Can't join any game

    Hi Since yesterday I experience issues connecting to all servers. At the moment i'm unable to connect to any server. I've tried the following: start arma 3 without mods reinstall battleye reinstall arma 3 reinstall steam with arma 3 verify game files delete everything arma 3 related, reinstalled and verified after install I also see extremly high pings in the in-game server browser. I also experience lag freezes when the server browser wants to refresh Sometimes the game is able to join a server, but when I need to select a team I can't select a role and I have to disconnect. I'm pretty done at the moment, since i'm reading a lot of this on the internet, without any fix. Is there anything I can still try?
  2. marcojacobs

    Mysql Error Arma 3 Altis life

    Maybe tried to join a cop slot? I've got problems when I try to join whitelisted slots. If that isn't the problem you haven't setup your database correctly.
  3. Sup guys. Since I know how to completly setup a Altis Life server, and I see a lot of people have problems with it, i'm willing to help! You could add me on skype: Xeriuk I'm willing to to help with the complete process! Maybe I will try to make a tutorial for it, but currently i'm busy with my own server so I don't have a lot of time for this. Let me know if you need help!;)
  4. I could setup a whole altis life server for you, it isn't actually that hard.. You just need to do it once hehe!
  5. Your database isn't correctly setup. First of all you must create the database in MySQL or SQLite, depends which one you uses. I use MySQL since I have experience in this. Also remember to "Unlock" the DLL files from the Arma2Net addon, your pc blocks DLL's from other PC's. Also make sure you have correctly setup the databases.txt Again, it's a database problem.