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Vanilla Weapons fits on Backpacks

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This mod aims to allow the player to put some of the vanilla weapons on backpacks again.
Like the Mk18 or the Rahim.

The only restraint will be the "weapon mass" vs "size" of the backpack since I put "allowedslots[] = {901}" on every vanilla weapon that was not possible before.
So, if you have a big enough backpack, you can put a GM6 Lynx on it.





Thanks Doubleblind for the help!

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On 4/19/2017 at 10:53 AM, sammael said:

cool mod. very useful

Indeed.But for some reason I'm unable to place the MXM rifles(my weapon of choice) into the backpack.CUP's Barret,the M320 & MK18 fit tho.I've tried all the Bergens,carryalls and specifically Ketsu's Rucksack(which is configured to have infinite capacity).

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