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High quality maps for Altis and Stratis

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Hi all,


I have been away from ARMA recently. There is a certain project which i probably will not be able to finish...

Point is, there is asset in this project that i want to share even thought the whole project is not done.


This asset is hiqh quality map of Altis and Stratis. I dont know if someone will find this usefull, but i hope so.

Maps were made from inside game by making screenshots, I suppose it is not against EULA. I will remove download links if it is against EULA.

Both maps have following parameters:

- Resolution is 32768x32768 pixels (higher is not possible for JPG coz I wanted to keep resolution as power of 2)

- Both satelite and height map variants available

- No watermarks


Also, both maps were cut to tiles, so it can be used in tile map engines. Leaflet in my case.


Here are some sneak pics.



Single JPG maps:

1) Stratis (satelite + height map) download - 129 MB

2) Altis (satelite + height map) download - 199 MB


Tiled maps. 8 Layers. Resolution 256x256. Format PNG. 21845 files.

1) Stratis - height map download - 606 MB

2) Stratis - satelite download - 748 MB

3) Altis - height map download - 845 MB

4) Altis - satelite download - 811 MB

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It was a challenge for me, to develop automated mechanism of making screenshots, keep best resolution, and also have map look identical to how it looks in game (in KK`s post resulting image is somewhat different from ingame map. Maybe old version? dunno...)

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Hi Mind, 


As I am totally clueless in how to use Leaflet and have been struggling to do this since last friday, is there any sort of tutorial video or leaflet script I can use to stitch these images together? I really want a super quality map like this printed to use as decor. 

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