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Grey screen while playing

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Before buying it, I used to play Arma 3 (pirate version) and it was all fine.

Then I bought it on Steam and I can't play it, I launch it, get in the menu, set all settings as usual but when I begin a match (single or multiplayer) all I can see is a grey screen, however I can hear all the sounds.


My specs are these (I set details to the minimum)


Windows 10

Ram 8 gb

Processor i3-4000M 2.4 GHz

Video Intel HD Graphics 4600


I know the video card is very low, but I used to play Arma 3 smoothly with very low details, no now I wonder why I can't see anything.


I tried many things such as edit the cfg file and other settings in the launcher but nothing so far was good.

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