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Session Lost

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Hello everyone:) 


So i have this problem where i will join a server and after loading in and choosing my player i will run around for about 4 minutes and then all of a sudden i will get session lost? 


Ive tryed so many things to fix this issue but no luck. The server isnt going down either they are still up and running. 


Ive tryed reinstalling the game, verifying game all kinds of things. Im just wondering if anyone has a fix for me :( 



My grammar is bad :P sorry !




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Hey jake,


are you playing with any friends on the server that can say why you got kicked off. (See Error message in the chat)

Also what could help us is if you could upload a RPT-File when you encountered the issue, you can find it here: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Arma 3

In the meantime I suggest you to browse the forums and see if there are other people that had the same issue like you, maybe they found a fix for it.

This is a thread where someone got a session lost message maybe this can help you, or someone else will post here if they know the solution.


Thank you


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