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    Session Lost

    Hello everyone:) So i have this problem where i will join a server and after loading in and choosing my player i will run around for about 4 minutes and then all of a sudden i will get session lost? Ive tryed so many things to fix this issue but no luck. The server isnt going down either they are still up and running. Ive tryed reinstalling the game, verifying game all kinds of things. Im just wondering if anyone has a fix for me :( My grammar is bad :P sorry !
  2. jake60538

    Getting stuck on the MP loading screen

    I get this but it only freezes for about 1min and then comes back
  3. jake60538

    Keep getting kicked after a few seconds

    Im kinda getting the same problem !!!
  4. jake60538

    Arma 3 Crash on startup

    Can you downgrade back to your old drivers ?