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Rowdied's Server is back online!!!

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I have finally, after some trials and tribulations, got the server working again.

Server address has changed as I got an new and much faster internet provider for much much cheaper than my previous provider. $100 a month cheaper!!!

Anyways... after putzin around trying to get the ports open I had success today!

The new address is

Server address: :2302

Same missions as before.

Working on a US vs Germany vs Russian to be released soon.

Oh, and so you know the server is safe. I had DEATH try and connect but he was denied. He even sent one of his minions, DARKNESS and he was denied as well.

So play nice, have fun and I will jump on from time to time to play with you guys! 

The DLC is need to join the server


How to join the server;


1. Start the game and click on the multiplayer tab

2. click on the remote tab

3. Add the address and click ok

4. click on the game and join

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update server address
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