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GPU Repeatedly Crashing

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I have been playing ArmA since it's release however have taken a break to return and find my system incredibly unstable.

I am getting consistent D3D_DEVICE_REMOVED and 0x0000Dead Errors

I have tried so far :

•Update the graphics card drivers to a newer version. (.368)

•Rollback the graphics card drivers to an older version. (.353)

•Check the temperature of your GPUs and CPUs.

•Verify the integrity of the game cache using Steam.

•Re-install DirectX

•Run a Windows System File Check Tool to repair corrupted system files.

•Completely reinstalled windows 10 on a clean SSD.

•Physically removed card and inspected for signs of heat damage / corrosion etc.

My instinct says there is something fundamentally wrong with my hardware (GTX 580) however it can run other games better (albeit with similar instability issues) and stress testing on furmark reveals no obvious stress or instability.


I attach my crash report summary for you to enjoy. 


Kind Regards, Jay / Jinef

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"DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG: The graphics driver stopped responding because of an invalid combinastion of commands sent by the app. If you get this error repeatedly, it usually means the app caused the device to hang and needs to be debugged. "


though many topics indicate many gtx 580's have this issue with many games. Some say the drivers were botched and rolling back fixed, others had their card OC'ed and turned it back to normal which solved the crashing. Your other games are having the same instability problem so there is a very good chance your card is on its last legs or its drivers are just complete crap that was shovelled out the door early.  


To be honest it seems like the gtx580 (and even other cards after/before it) were not very well made. All have many people on many different forums complaining about them having stability problems.

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I was having similar issues, all reportedly graphics related and like you, nothing worked for me until i stopped using the launcher. So if you're desperate you could try running straight from the .exe. Arma updates seemed to fix my problem.

I too was running a gtx580.

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Thankyou for your quick and informative responses!

It may be the excuse I need to purchase myself a new card :)​

*starts formulating explanations to the missus* :unsure:

I will try these two fixes now :)

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