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Freez Arma 2 for medium PC

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Hello, I have always had a problem, maybe you can follow any responses to help me? When I play a multiplayer game in a couple of minutes starts to hang out, I can not help not Kamanda "flush", I was there and could not find the cause.

PC Requirements:

GPU: gtx 660 ti

CPU: i3-4340

RAM: 4gb

Pagefile: 12gb.

HDD: 7200rpm

It is not overheating!

Thanks in advance!

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I always suspect RAM be a issue in this case. People say it is not so, but Icant imagine anything else to be the cause. But then memory Flush should help, at least it always helps me. 


Maybe try starting your game with parameter -nologs.


Also avoid DAYZ and  LIFE type missions, the servers are often run by kids who have no clue and just mash tons of scripts and mods into one mission without regard to compatibility, just because it makes theyr mission seem cooler to them. The performance is often bad on those servers.


Try servers like "15th experience" (CBA_CO, ACE, ACEX, ACEX_RU, ACEX_USNavy, and maybe one or two other mods needed) if the server still exists, i used to have very good performance there. 

There used to be also some russian ACE PvP domination server that ran smoothly, but i cant remember the name.

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and -SkipIntro (No intro Screen).

But your PC is quite powerful for this game. You don't really need anything to use A2.

I also play A2 CO on my another computer: Laptop i3-3110M / 4 GB Ram / Geforce GT 820M.

So you're are above that. Maybe the problem is under ... Wind..owns :D

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I Tried these lines: -high -cpuCount=2 -exThreads=3 -maxmem=2047 -noPause -nosplash -skipintro -world=empty

p.s: "-cpuCount=2 -exThreads=3" Are just for dual cores

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