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  1. Hello, I have always had a problem, maybe you can follow any responses to help me? When I play a multiplayer game in a couple of minutes starts to hang out, I can not help not Kamanda "flush", I was there and could not find the cause. PC Requirements: GPU: gtx 660 ti CPU: i3-4340 RAM: 4gb Pagefile: 12gb. HDD: 7200rpm It is not overheating! Thanks in advance!
  2. Greetings, faced with such a problem Arma 3 starts Frise in multipeere .FPS plummets from 60 to 0. i tried all changed the malloc , uvelicheval and reduced the paging file , but as the friezes were remained . VideoCard:GTX 660 Ti Proc:I3-4340 Оperational:4 gb