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Kicked from almost every server..

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Hey there.. I installed Arma2 OA with steam now but i can't join any of the servers..


Here the main facts:


- I'm using play with six beta

- I start the game with CO

- I join servers which doesn't use any mod (green icon in server list)

- I tried with and without beta

- When I check the game files of Arma2 and OA, there are always corrupt files, no matter how often i repair

- There are no error messages when i get kicked except of the pop up that i was removed from the server

- I redownloaded the game, without success..


And thats how it goes:






I get into the lobby of the server, and after some seconds i get kicked...

Any idea?

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Okay, I actually fixed it and think i know the reason for the problem


Month before, someone told me to copy the addons folder from arma2 to arma 2 oa..

The files inside seem to cause the kick...


Unfortunately, this folder wont get deleted after checking corrupt files etc..

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Your mod path set in PWS has to actualy lead to the folder where the mods actualy are, so if you moved your mods from documents/Arma2 to steamapps/common/Arma2OA, then you have to change the path in PWS.

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