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[SP/COOP] UNSUNG Rescue Mission

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Hi all -


Been a while since I've released a mission and have learned quite a bit since as well.  Also working on some story missions I'll be releasing later in the year.  For now however wanted to share a quick mission i did with the UNSUNG mod map.  What a cool map.


So before anyone gets crazy about the MOD and its era, this is a fictional mission just for fun.  Don't kill me about the way it was designed.



It's 1985 and a High Value Asset has been held hostage.  We're sending in an Elite team to the rescue.  Follow the path of a river at lower altitudes where the fog will provide some cover.  Follow the info in the briefing/tasks.


-Visual animations (Credit to author of PLP_Calm script)

-Custom sounds

-Custom NVG effects (Credits to the modder from 'Enhanced Arma Movement')

-Custom load-outs (uses DLC gear, however will change for those who don't own it)

-Menu options for extras (0-0-X)




-EDEN update (What that means is before the 1.56 release, DEV Branch is required)

-CUP Terrains (Sorry think it may be some of the objects i placed during design...)

-UNSUNG MOD (Duh  :) )


-Leights OPFOR Pack


SP Version:


COOP version (Coop 4 players):




Have fun guys.

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Cool. Looking forward to this.

I know how much research you've done since your excellent The Hunt series so I can't imagine how good this is going to be. :)

Congrats on the release.

So Dev Branch is required even if I'm fully up-to-date, correct?

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Well since i used the EDEN Editor to create this mission, DEV branch currently today is required.  Once the EDEN update rolls out (hopefully in a month or so?), then it will be playable on stable build. 


So if you happen to switch to DEV branch to play around a bit, feel free to try it out  :)

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For some reason when I load it up, there are no player slots, and when I load up the mission in SP I get a memory error? I have it updated to 1.56 

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