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  1. 1. Where should the next battleground be made?

    • Chernarus
    • Takistan
    • Bornholm
    • Esseker
    • Rayak
    • Helvantis
    • Hindu Kush
    • Kunduz
    • Nam
    • Ural
    • Startis
  2. 2. Should Unleashed Hell be packed into a campaign?

    • Yes
    • No

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Hello everyone, I'd like to create this new topic so we, Spartan Studios, can post our missions here for the community to see and play.


By Goro:


Undead Stratis:


14 January, 2035

You were on routine patrol. During the duty, you've been ambushed by CSAT, and you were shot in chest. NATO transported you onto Mike-26 base and done surgery on you here. You were unconcious 1 week. By the time, NATO decided to raid laboratory. When laboratory was seized, one of the workers dropped bottle with a virus, which was experimental. The virus revives dead people, and kills alive. NATO and civilians abandoned the island, NATO forgot about Mike-26 base. You, along with Adams, Thanos, Frost, Ghost, Larkin must fight in order to escape Stratis. Many, many scripts used, crashsites, custom military sets, many ways escape. 
-Many crashsites 
-Unforgetable gameplay 
-Play the way you want; Escape or explore 
-Attacking horde of zombies every 5 minutes (Left 4 Dead style) 
-Custom AI loadout 
-Many, many more, play the mission and discover them all!
Requirements: Zombies & Demons
(Workshop only)
Unleashed Hell
You wake up. Your house is ruined. The atmosphere is unpleasant... Looks like nuclear meltdown. You decide to investigate the town. What you find there is shocking...
Requirements: Zombies & Demons
Episode 1:
After you've been saved by unknown people, you move with them to abandoned house in the middle of nowhere... 
You gotta find them out by yourself!
Requirements: Zombies & Demons
Episode 2:
We've barricaded the outpost. I'm sure they will never force these defences. During the meeting outside, we just got some weird radio call...
Requirements: Zombies & Demons
Episode 3:
Our new friends gave us very valuable information...
Requirements: Zombies & Demons
*NEW* Episode 4:
We decided to scavenge the airplanes' factory for parts and supplies.
Requirements: Zombies & Demons
By Alex150201:
Battleground Series:
Altis Battleground:
Altis Battleground is a mission about regaining ground for Altis. A special operations group has been tasked with that job, that group is you. Anything needed you have it. Arsenal for gear, ground vehicles, air vehicles and much more. Heavily scripted missions with a lot of scripts written by me and people in the credits. This is in Alpha stage. If you like it I will update it as often as I can.
Voice Acting (Most of it done) 
Virtual Arsenal 
Realistic Crew (i.e. you can't be the ultimate soldier like a sniper with AT that flies a helicopter and is a diver :D) 
Shop System 
Reputation System 
Side Missions 
Time Multiplier (for day and night combat) 
Easter Eggs 
And more! 
Implementing perks in the game 
More Side Missions 
Finishing all lines of the voice acting part
Requirements: RHS Escalation (USF and AFRF)
(Workshop Only for now)
By Zagor64:
Nowhere to Hide:
Chapter 1 - Incognito:
The brutality of ISIS is, sadly,invading our homes everyday.Videos of public beheading, news of childs been forced to enlist and little girls been raped and sold as sex slaves or baby brides are common these days. In name of the jihad holy war against the infidels, many foreign fighters are enlisting under the black flag of the ISIS army, allowing quick advancing and conquering of vast Syrian and Iraqi territory. This is an explosive situation in a already plagued middle easter region. US/NATO has to send a clear message to the high rank officers, financers and puppeteers of the terrorist organization: YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!!! You will be working along with the most elites counter-terrorism units of the world; CIA/SOG, SAS, DEVGRU, Spetsnaz GRU ,1st SFOD-DeltaForce for a manhunt across the globe. Enjoy the first chapter of a 5 story-driven dynamic mission. Play with the style that most fit you: use incognito and low profile tactics, or go full Rambo..it's up to you.Mission objectives are randomly placed for replayability. This is my first mission, so please report bugs/problem.
-incognito:put your weapons in the backpack and blend in with civis for a stealth gameplay
-Custom loadout
-EOS spawning sistem
-Virtual arsenal paradrop
-no base respawn
-extraction with smoke/strobe signal
-reinforcement troops on stand-by at disposal
Leight OPFOR Pack
TRYK uniform + CPC TRYK patch
CUP terrains pack
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