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Issue with setmarkerpos.

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Hi all,


I am currently developing a system that will select random objectives then assign markers to that area so that it is visible.

I have run into an issue with the "SetMarkerPos" command.


The error I receive is "Error setmarkerpos: type string, expected Array".



The reason it is setup below is due to the fact I have 3 objective types.


Town Objectives

Primary Objectives

Secondary Objectives


The script i have created for setting marker positions for Town and Primary objectives is simple as all that is required is that the markers for those are moved to that designated town.

However, a secondary objective can only exist inside a primary objective and not all of the primary objectives have a secondary objective.

The idea is/was to combine the name of the Primary objective (publicvariable of "mainmark") with secondary_%1 to create the names of the secondary objective markers.

I am then able to see if there is a secondary objective nearby to the randomly selected Primary objective and if there is, move the marker to it to indicate such.


however I receive the above mentioned error when trying to set the markers position.


I was hoping I could receive assistance in fixing this error either via directing me on how to assign the string into an array so the error stops or by finding another way to achieve this goal.





Below is the script I am using to achieve this goal.

null = execVM "obj\objective_controller.sqf";
_distm = getmarkerpos mainmark;
_distt = getmarkerpos townmark;
_dista = _distm distance _distt;
if (_dista < 2200) then 
execVM "obj\objective_controller.sqf";
if (_dista > 2200) then
_getmarkm = getmarkerpos mainmark;
_showobjectivem = "mark_main_area" setMarkerPos _getmarkm;
_showobjectivem = "mark_main_name" setMarkerPos _getmarkm;
_getmarkt = getmarkerpos townmark;
_showobjectivet = "mark_town_area" setMarkerPos _getmarkt;
_showobjectivet = "mark_town_name" setMarkerPos _getmarkt;
//Find secondary nearby
_townsec = format ["secondary_%1",mainmark];
_dists = getmarkerpos _townsec;
_secfind = _distm distance _dists;
if (_secfind < 500) then
hint format ["placing %1 in %2 area", _townsec, mainmark];
_showobjectivesec = "mark_secondary_area" setMarkerPos _townsec;
_showobjectivesec = "mark_secondary_name" setMarkerPos _townsec;
if (_secfind > 500) then

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It's simply because _townsec is a string and not an array.


change it to _dists since that is the actual position

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Wowee, many thanks on speed of your response.

I can't believe I missed that... 

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maybe not... thought i saw something but if its a global that might be right

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