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[WIP] Female base model project

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18 hours ago, MrCrazyDude115 said:

This is looking fantastic! Keep up the good work!


18 hours ago, CrazyCorky said:

Arma woman skeet shoot?!


Seriously though that's awesome man!


3 hours ago, dnl04 said:

You're doing a great work sir.

I'm sure everyone in the Community is appreciating all the struggle you're going through... just to fix this embarrassing, somewhat gamebreaking issue.

Thanks guys. I did not expect the ragdolls stuff to be this difficult since everything should be configured as the Arma Man is but I probably should have expected the trouble. xD

The latest "bug" is just my own making though as I just added random +10 to different values in the ragdoll config just to see if anything is affected. The "out of the box" config duplicate is pretty close to working right, I just have to figure out where the issue is now that I can be sure my custom ragdoll stuff is actually used by the engine.

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11 hours ago, The Lemming said:

Any updates?


Please don't ask for updates. Doing so is consider spam on these forums.



No spam or advertising:

Advertising of any commercial or personal project, product or service on these forums is not permitted. Chain letters and pyramid schemes are similarly prohibited. This includes the Personal Message service and clan recruitment outside of the Clan Recruitment forum. Threads older than 4 months should not be dug up unless something significant is being added. Please do not post duplicate threads in more than one forum and do not "Bump" threads. Posting "any news", "is it out yet" or asking for a release date type posts are also spam



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