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[WIP] Female base model project

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18 hours ago, MrCrazyDude115 said:

This is looking fantastic! Keep up the good work!


18 hours ago, CrazyCorky said:

Arma woman skeet shoot?!


Seriously though that's awesome man!


3 hours ago, dnl04 said:

You're doing a great work sir.

I'm sure everyone in the Community is appreciating all the struggle you're going through... just to fix this embarrassing, somewhat gamebreaking issue.

Thanks guys. I did not expect the ragdolls stuff to be this difficult since everything should be configured as the Arma Man is but I probably should have expected the trouble. xD

The latest "bug" is just my own making though as I just added random +10 to different values in the ragdoll config just to see if anything is affected. The "out of the box" config duplicate is pretty close to working right, I just have to figure out where the issue is now that I can be sure my custom ragdoll stuff is actually used by the engine.

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