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[RPG] Republic Of Elektrozavodsk

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The Republic Of Elektrozavodsk Life Multiplayer RPG


Hi all, I currently have a new mutliplayer RPG gamemode I have been working on, and I would like to share it with you all and it would be great to get some help!. I'll firstly explain it to you in a nutshell. How it works is, the town of Elektrozavodsk in Chernarus is a small republic/city state, and is governed by a voted prime minister. The prime minister has partial control of the police and military forces within the republic, and the police force enforces the people and the military keep a careful eye on rebel uprising and the national militia. The national militia is a paramilitary force, who can side with itself or the government, and it can act as a back up police force or a threat to the Prime Minister. The civilians, can choose to become a criminal, take a job and earn money, and can join any of the these agencies just like any other RPG gamemode. Your may be thinking here, 'here we go again, another RPG going to fail, just like all the others'. However, this gamemode is unique to other RPG's as Elektro isnt massive, and its easy to make a living and also easier for the police to patrol. The map isnt locked to Elektro, there are borders to cross using visas and passports to sell your petrol in Chernogorsk, enter illegally for a drug run or take Elektro Airlines (Elektro doesnt have a runway as we know, so we use helicopters!) on a holiday on the beaches of Berenzino. The RPG is a serious but friendly and fun roleplay mode. The RPG uses Chernarus as a map and RHS escalation for the weapons and some vehicles. Sorry if it wasnt very breif for you but I will go into more detail about the gamemode. I have halfway made the gamemode, but I still need help with the money and taskbars like other RPG's have. People may think this is a copy of Chernarus life, but isnt, as for starters the police sometimes struggle to cover the map! Now, I will go into detail on each role in the game:

Prime Minister


The Prime Minister is voted in every 4 real life days, and is voted ingame at the polling station. His job is to keep his civilians happy and his aim is to keep them doing wealthy legal runs e.g Petrol, and keeping away from criminal or rebel activity using the police and military force, while keeping a careful eye on the militia, whom can overthrow him. The Prime Minister can be replaced by the military using Martial Law, and can be declared only when the Prime Minister has served a day in office, and renders the Prime Minister powerless. The military takes control until the next voting day. The Police can back the prime minister on such events, but again can still overthrow him on command of the Superintendent. These forces can either back the Prime Minister if they think he is doing a good job, not because he likes having sausages and mash at dinner time. The militia however, can back the Prime Minister, but the militia are not refrained from doing drug runs and rebel activity, and this goes against the Prime Ministers law. The Prime Minister can create laws not too absurd, and can change wages and prices of jobs and shops, but this is at his own risk however. The Prime Minister usually has 4 bodyguards and they are chosen by himself and always loyal to him, and they will usually chauffeur him around. The Prime Minister cannot leave Elektro, but can take exile in Chernogorsk if he is overthrown. When the Prime Minister first takes office, he will then have to say a short speech to his people on getting power on the balcony of the town center. The Prime Minister is given a relatively good wage, but at the same time is a risky job.

The Police Force

The Police Force is lead by the Superintendent who's job is to control and enforce the people of Elektrozavodsk. They wield RHS weaponry like Shotguns and drive a custom skin SUV. There job is to enforce the laws of the Prime Minister, and the Police tend to overthrow the PM only if hes being a massive nuisance e.g Envolved in Criminal activity. They crackdown on drug trade and criminal activity,and man checkpoints along the border. Unlike other RPGs they wield guns not tazers, however they shouldnt abuse this privilege, and should use a strict gun behavior. The police can handcuff and arrest people, and for bigger cases e.g Murder or robbery, this requires a prison sentence and the Police have to organise a court session including a jury, prosecutors, witnesses and a judge. Lawyers may accompany the defendant, and if the defendant loses the case, they are so forth sent to Prison. The Police in the republic of Elektro should use a very serious RP attitude and should be friendly and helpful. Joining the Police force gives you a better wage, but you need to put an application in to do so like alot of RPG's.

The Military

The Military are the defence of Elektrozavodsk. They crack down on drug runs and defend the border and man checkpoints. Along with the Police, they have to follow the Prime Ministers laws and help enforce them. The Military use RHS weaponary and vehicles, and usually the opposition to the National militia. If there was going to be a civil war, it would be the Military vs The Militia. The Military cannot intervene with the militia, but the military are better equipped and well trained compared to the militia.

The National Militia

Civilians can join the National Militia anytime, as long as they have no criminal record of any sort. The Militia tend to not be linked in criminal activities, and militia members dont get payed. Someone could be doing a job e.g Petrol trading and still belong to the militia, and when called to fight against e.g Police for a valid reason, they will follow that order. The militia can be a threat to the Prime Minister, but again the Prime Minister can make a friendly bond with them. The Prime Minister can make them a back up Police force, help enforcing and fighting crime but again thats the Head of the Militias decision.

The Civilians

Civilians have to follow the laws of the Prime Minister, and have to make a living. They can start off farming or selling peaches to mining Iron and bringing it to the Elektrozavodsk factory to create steel. Usually the mines are across the border in Chernarus, so they need a work visa and a passport, and then sell the items in Elektrozavodsk. Also, civilians can start criminal lives by robbery or drug runs. The drug fields are in Chernarus so they have to illegally enter Chernarus and back into Elektro to avoid being stopped at the border and checked. Civilians have a taskbar like any other RPG, a cell phone and may buy many things from Gun Stores to Restraunts to Car shops. Civilians also can join the militia, Police or the Military. Civilians are the backbone of the republic, and may take many routes in their RP lives to make themselves wealthy or even dangerous.


Thank you for reading this overview, and need some help with scripting money and creating the taskbars. I have made the shops and alot of the maps features, and will post more on some pictures of the skins the police, military and the militia with use. I am in the process of making an official website I thank you for reading this overview!


List of Jobs:


Help with making of skins

Scripting (Taskbars, .sqf files, money, Shop scripts)

Alpha Testers


Mad Musketman 

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