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New CTI going to be born.

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Hi everyone, i'm ilia and i'm creating new warfare mission.


Realistic, fresh, warfare gameplay.


Whole mission additionals using authentic Arma 3 systems (e.g  2D editor assets such as triggers, GUI window's, interaction...) as part because of it the mission is ultra light and almost at all do not taking FPS.


Other part of the reason is very logical, light and small skripting


After or even with out reading a small FAQ any player even with out any knowerage of skripting or skils with Arma 3 editing can set up the mission how he want.


Mission supports absolutely any map which ever will be made for Arma 3 (And for any new map can be setted up acording previous line).

Same, mission supporting (I think) any mod and expanding Arma 3 list's assets (e.g. Weapons, Veshicles, Units) can be added and setted up in mission according previous, previous line (same as excluded present).

Plus will be other version, anyway easy configurable, but without settings folder (Lighter), and i'll provide support with personalization the mission and creating personalized versions (Lighest).


Some additionals (Fully enaable, disaable, deletable, only few examples ) )

CIV interaction, R3F Logistic...


This is not all and not even close to it, i just wanted to show some conseption, that is very aythetical to game it self, fully standalone warfare mission for anyone, very ligh and incomparably customizable. (+working with any addon or map)


If you would like to joing in developing of the progect just wright to me with title "Mission":


I will be pleasure any help.


If you have questions or idea's, you can post it here.

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All of your screenshots are broken

I see all of them, n.m. they are not intresting, thanks fot saying.

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After 5 days from i first time though to create something, Pre beta version ready for try https://yadi.sk/d/V88yRT2Mj8scR .

For understanding:

http://steamcommunit...785/screenshots ,

If you'll see any missing addons messages, do not worry (I'm playing with PWS Extended + collection, if you'll run with it, will be without messages (not nessesary)), highly recomended to and own id in zeus module in editor, for add supply execute global: vspointsw =  vspointsw + _Number_ , 

Isn't present yet:

OPFOR side (not configurated).

Independent side, 

//Civilian side,

Players mission's way's to respawn.



Supply system,

Commanders connection to HQ.

Requesting infantry,

Requesting commanders,

Requesting equipment.

Avtomatized requested actives transport,

Borders for chosing requested actives insertion, leaving points,

Sale requested actives transport system (Now dissapearing after 5 min's, if alive money returning),

Requesting Ai groups's,

Adding requested group's to hight command,


Ultralight skripting,

Some confiigutations (Requesting actives,weapons with UGL's list,),

Ai still do not tareting air with flares,

Isladn ocupation system,

Towns (Airfield, +- configurated),

R3F not configurated,

Support vehicles refilling,

Loadout customization.

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