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Is there a mod experience like DayZ mod? Like zoombies was before it had to be removed?

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I've seen epoch and breaking point.

To me these do not have the feel of the DayZ mod.


I really loved zoombies, because it had all of DayZ and Arma3 controls and systems.


Now with advanced flight, I would love it even more.


So my question is: Is there a mod Chernarus or not, that doesn't use DayZ content, but still has the feel of the mod?


2017 may never be done, so if it does release I'll certainly do that, then.  However, until 2017, when the team feels pressure to release, I'll be needing something else.

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Very very wrong section to ask this in...Plus you're raising a question regarding a subject that not everyone is so enthusiastic about...


AFAIK there aren't any/many other zombie mods...I'd personally say BP gets closest to DayZ...


But anyways - You can go make your own survival mod if you want using these zombies: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/182412-zombies-demons-also-a-ruger-44-magnum-bolt-action-rifle/

Credit Ryan ofcourse ;) 


Kind regards,


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