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[SP/CAMP/CWR 2] Red Dawn CWR 2 Remake

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Red Dawn CWR 2 Remake

by tom3kb


Single Player campaign for Cold War Rearmed 2 mod (CWR 2).

USSR attacked Chernarus. We play as CDF soldier and we try to defend our homeland.

Campaign with 8 missions, with intro, outro and few simple cutscenes.


[li]SP campaign with 8 missions,[/li]

[li]briefing with tasks, overview with picture and short info for each missions,[/li]

[li]intro, outro and cutscenes,[/li]

[li]you play as: CDF soldier,[/li]

[li]if in mission you have optional task, you dont have to finish that task to accomplish whole mission,[/li]

[li]bis modules: first aid (not in all missions),[/li]

[li]if teamleader (your unit) is dead you must load the game, even if you can teamswitch to another unit in squad,[/li]

[li]3 new custom songs from campaign Hammer of Thor by nettrucker[/li]


Put folder "RedDawnCWR2Remake" in your Campaigns folder. If you dont have Campaigns folder, just create one.

For example:

d:\Arma 2\Campaigns\RedDawnCwr2Remake

For playing you need:

ArmA2 Combined Operations v1.62

[ Arma 2 v1.11 and Operation Arrowhead v1.62 ]

Mods/addons needed:

Cold War Rearmed 2 v1.01.2



v1.0 - first release

-changes and fixes in missions, cutscenes, briefings etc,

-added few custom songs from Hammer of Thor campaign by nettrucker,


Alchemy Divine and nettrucker for Hammer of Thor soundtrack that we can use in our missions.

More info in: Hammer of Thor soundtrack readme file.

Download links:

I have virus/trojan alert in my antyvir please dont download this campaign yet.

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Glad to see that someone still working something with A2! :) Waiting for that download link..

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