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Redwater - Providing OPFOR Services for Groups Seeking a Challenge

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Redwater Website: redwateroperators.com - You can visit here for information on joining, the website is currently a bit out of date as our IT guy has been busy with FTP/Arma3Sync. The most sure-fire way to get in touch with me if you have questions is to drop me a line on Steam, here's a link to my Steam profile.


Otherwise, see the application process at the bottom of the forum post.


We are coming back from a hiatus we took due to our senior members all moving and being without internet at the same time. We've made some changes based on some lessons learned and are ready to start taking on new members again.


We play as a Private Military Company to free us from traditional bindings of organization and attitude, and we have two primary "missions" in our group this allows us to undertake.


Contracted OPFOR


We are looking to play as a PMC augmenting other group's OPFOR. This is not a normal PVP venture, and we are not looking to show up and kick people's asses to stroke our ego. We are looking to fit into the campaigns of other groups, performing a disciplined role to enhance everyone's experience. Many groups who have tried PVP experience 15-year-olds hiding, shooting an RPG into a group of soldiers, and running away feeling accomplished. This is not our M.O.


We are looking to take on more members capable of fighting with tactical proficiency and with everyone's experience in mind. Our members are able to act in a realistic PMC fashion by directing groups of lesser-trained local forces (AI) and will stand and fight as a well-paid and well-trained force will do.


If you're from a group that may be interested, visit our website and contact us so we can meet in the middle on a modset and operation times.


"Normal" Home-Grown Arma Campaigns: 1900GMT (10AM West Coast US, 2PM East Coast US) on Saturdays


We also do our own Saturday ops, we are currently launching a campaign that will take us to Sahrani as a PMC in support of a faltering drug cartel that is looking to reestablish their export of MDMA precursor in the face of a mounting police militarization and heavy crackdown. We try and make things a bit exciting and different, all of us have been "you're 2nd platoon, take this town because battalion wants us to", we're exploring some non-traditional missions that should get pretty fun.


A couple of our veteran members actually play with a more traditional milsim group on Wednesdays and Sundays, but Redwater is a special undertaking.


Here's a video of us pre-hiatus.

You might want to join us if you are:
  • Looking for a bit of freedom. Everyone can carry whatever weapon and wear whatever uniform they like (within reason, if you show up with an AS50 you're probably not going to make it very long).
  • Looking for something non-military. We do emulate a lot of military tactics, anyone who tries to operate without doing so gets killed. But we don't emulate a military structure; our leadership are "Directors", full-fledged members are "Operatives" and those who have shown an aptitude for ground leadership (TL+ roles) are "Senior Operatives". We think it makes for a better atmosphere.
  • Unable to commit to a lot of time to a minimum weekly mission count many groups have. We have one sure-fire mission on Saturdays at 1900GMT (1100 Central Time), and PvP on an ad-hoc basis with other groups. You do not have to turn up for any minimum number of them, but it's best if you're typically free around this time.
  • Looking for a certain level of tactical realism. We use ACE with pretty much everything turned on, although we do allow respawns since we're not a very large group. We RP respawns as reinforcements which have to make their way back to the battle somewhat realistically to keep some amount of cost to dying intact.
  • Looking for minimal mod upkeep. We serve our mods through Arma3Sync and only update them when absolutely necessary or universally wanted by the group (not every time a mod update is released), so you shouldn't have to keep updating your mods.


It won't work out if you are:


  • Looking to do absolutely whatever you want. This is Arma, and while we like everyone to have a bit of freedom, group cohesion is required for tactical success.
  • A cheater or ultra-competitive. We want people who have a mindset of fun comes first since half of our mission is to play enemy for real players who should actually win the mission if all goes well. We don't want to make it easy for them, but their experience being fun and challening comes before us feeling like we're good at the game. We check for VAC bans.
  • Under 18. Sorry.
  • Looking for large-scale military operations. That awesome feeling of participating in a 50+ man assault on a city has its place, but it is not here; some of our members are dual membership with another clan that does this sort of thing. We focus on small-scale proficiency and flexibility rather than huge operations.
  • Unable to let someone know when you will or won't be online. We have zero minimum requirements of participation, but we do need you to be able to tell us "can't make it Saturday." Once we ramp up our PVP operations we absolutely cannot afford people flaking out. Real life happens and we will never hold missing an op against someone, but we are looking for members who are able to be somewhat responsible and not leave us hanging all the time.


Mod List:


  • ACE
  • All in Arma Terrain Pack
  • ALiVE (primarily for NPC support via helicopters, we usually don't do full ALiVE campaigns except for a bit of fun during the week)
  • Altis SPU
  • ASR AI3
  • CBA
  • EricJ Weapons Pack
  • Leights Opfor Pack
  • Shacktac Map Gestures
  • PG Services
  • sthud, if you want
  • Task Force Radio




If all of the above is good with you, send an email to redwateroperators@gmail.com with the following details (copy and paste the bullet points and fill in your answers).

Once you’ve sent it, drop in on us in our TeamSpeak channel and have a chat with us if you’re on, it will greatly speed up the process as we don’t check the Redwater email that often. You can also message “narrowsoul†on Steam, he’s easy enough to find by searching for his name.

· Steam ID (So we don’t have to go through a hundred similar names, visithttp://steamidfinder.com/ to find yours):

· Age:

· Country/Nationality/Time Zone:

· Real life military experience/training:

· Previous Arma groups/experience:

· Why you are applying to join:

· Do you agree to conduct yourself properly while playing as OPFOR for other clans, i.e. not metagaming, cheating, using “cheap†tactics that draw them into long boring searches for you after you fire an RPG and run a kilometer into the woods, or being a dick?

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Back in Action!


Our Arma3Sync server is working, everyone is back from moving, and we are ready to start playing again this Saturday.


On November 7th we'll be having a regroup operation. The agenda for the day will be to:

  1. Go over some core skills
  2. Have everyone make and submit their preferred loadouts in the Arsenal in-game so we can place them in future missions
  3. Go take an objective on Porto

The 14th will be the first day of our new campaign on Sahrani, where we will be taking a contract from the Viga Cartel to help them push back against a militarized police crackdown and get their product rolling out to the US again. Here is a PDF of the background and some of the key players in the upcoming campaign (Google Drive).



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