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ar3play: web based mission replays

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I created (it's workable) and am creating (so much to do) a tool to have mission replays on the web.

My goals were:

* web based

* persistent

* variable replay speed

* freely zoomable

I call it ar3play, and it has arrived at a usable - albeit pretty basic - state.

There are three parts to the application:

* One server addon (or mission script, depends on what you prefer)

* depends on/contains sock.dll and sock-rpc by Micovery

* The persistence layer, comprised of a NodeJS application acting as RPC server towards the arma3 server, and as REST server toward the web

* again, contains Micovery's sock-rpc code

* uses Redis for persistence

* A web client

* uses Google Maps Javascript libraries

* depends on 10T's map tiles (so: only Altis, Stratis, Chernarus, Takistan work atm)

Repositories can be found here:

* http://github.com/gruppe-adler/ar3play-addon

* http://github.com/gruppe-adler/ar3play-server

* http://github.com/gruppe-adler/ar3play-web

The whole thing looks like this:

http://i.imgur.com/CVOD0Hl.png (402 kB)

(I just realized it's half German still.. oops.)

There's currently a live version to be found here: http://gruppe-adler.de/maps (may be subject to change, unexpectedly down etc ^^)

Feel free to contribute, praise or damn to hell :)

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I will give it a try. Looks nice.

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