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[RELEASE] Russian Warfare Toolset

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I am glad to introduce and updated version of Russian Warfare Toolset - 0.3-alpha



  • Dynamic context-dependent smart menu to replace stock action menu
  • 3D interface for placing explosives
  • Hand gestures
  • Attaching chemlights and IR strobes to soldiers' shoulders
  • Smooth door opening


Known issues:

  • 3D explosives interface currently works only with c4 and satchel, others are WIP
  • Placed explosive on vertical surface may by hidden inside the texture
  • Only one explosive at a time is supported by action to detonate. WIP
  • Many action items are placeholders. WIP


  • Add more supported ordnances for 3D explosives interface
  • Laser designation: refactor code to improve performance
  • Smart Menu: add weapons menu
  • Smart menu: add special actions menu
  • Smart Menu: add medicine actions
  • Smart Menu: improve context definition
  • Smart MenuL improve ordnance placement

Code repo - https://github.com/ussrlongbow/RWT

Mission - http://1drv.ms/1Kim9Sh



  • Approach to the building door. Hold SHIFT and scroll mouse wheel to open/close doors
  • Press CTRL+WIN to open self interaction Smart menu. Scroll mouse wheel to navigate and middle button click to select action
  • Press WIN to close Smart menu
  • Get C4 or Satchel from arsenal. Open self interaction menu, select explosives, select c4 or satchel - it will open 3d interface
  • move around to place your ordnance, use mousewheel to rotate bomb, hold SHIFT for lesser rotation angles
  • When 3D explosive interface opened, press middle mouse button to place it. Use Detonate from action menu to touch off.



= Vesrion 0.3
  - new Smart menu
  - 3D explosives interface
  - Chemlights and IR strobes attachment
= Vesrion 0.2
  - Fixed crash with CBA A3
  - Added simple magazine repack script
= Version 0.1
  - Initital release



Hello Folks,

I would like to introduce the project I am started to work on - Russian Warfare Toolset (named after server inspired me to do this).
AIM of this project - extend the gameplay WITHOUT addons. Arma 3 scripting engine gane give you near to ACE for OA functionality without the need of addons (considering we use stock 3d models)

So this is a first release which includes my earlier script for laser designation:
Version 0.1:
- Laser designation script for helicopters
- Gestures script
- Weapon Items quick switching

Video overview is at

- magazine intelligent repack
- customized HUD for hardcore modes
- Script for custom nades throwing
- scrips for mines and explosives

Long term plans:
- advanced damage system
- medical system
- custom inventory system
- modular vests for soldiers (like ALICE or MOLLE)

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Thanks for posting the release on the Armaholic forums as well :cool:

Release frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.


We have also "connected" these pages to your account on Armaholic.

This means soon you will be able to maintain these pages yourself if you wish to do so. Once this new feature is ready we will contact you about it and explain how things work and what options you have.

When you have any questions already feel free to PM or email me!

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Right at the moment discovered that if CBA A3 enabled game crashes after closing the dialog. Looking for solution.

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Hi! I was unable to at your of the mission example, to open the action menu.?

Hi sergeziegler,

how have you tried to open it? The self interaction menu by default is configured to react on LCtrl+Win key combination.

Have you done any changes to the script set from github?

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Hi ! I have been unable open the menu, I have a German keyboard, or something I'm doing wrong. I have it your work has helped to create missions.

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open editor in arma 3,

run this command from debug console, press Windows key and post the code appeared in chat window here

(findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", {systemChat str (_this select 1)}];

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