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Need 5 voices

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Hey guys, I'm writing an example mission for my latest release (pre-release) and I need a few people's voices. I would play all the parts myself, but, it seems that I can't make my voice sound very different from itself, so 1 role is my maximum. I did take the longest role, though. Anyway here are the lines I would be needing:

Person 1:

Hey, get over here. We're moving out.

Hey, private, get in the truck!

Hey, get in!

Come on, we gotta go!

Private, let's go, get in the truck!

Come on, let's go!

Turn that shit off, we're basically there.

Go question those civilians, we'll see what turns up.

Well, I guess we just missed 'em. Let's get back to the outpost.

Person 2:

Hey, let's put on some tunes!

Person 3,4,5 (1 line each):

They were just here, but they ran off when they heard your truck.

What took you guys so long? They're already gone.

They're not here anymore.

Thanks a lot, guys. This will really help me out. You can just reply to this post with your recordings. Raw audio might be the best option, but if you know a thing or two, you can groom your own audio and post it here as an .ogg (that would be the easiest for me, honestly)

And of course, you will be credited for your roles

By posting in this thread, you agree to forfeit any ownership of related files.

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Hey I'm a voice actor - I'd love to help!

I dunno anything about making ogg files - but assuming I find a decent recorder program - it may be able to output it (?). I hope this isn't a dealbreaker.

Can you tell me more about the context of each of the lines? For example - are we under fire while speaking, or is this a casual speech. Are we in a vehicle that has a running engine? Do I need to speak as if I am competing with the engine noise? Any additional context data will really help.

I can get to recording these in the next couple days.

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Glad to have you, Jay! I just use Audacity to record, I think it has .ogg format built-in to the export functions. If not, just send them over however you can, I'll re-export to .ogg. (ogg has a very good size-compression/sample-loss ratio, that's why I'm using it)


Person 1: Squad leader. He's mostly just giving orders. He's got the second-longest role

Person 2: Random squadmate that decides he wants to play music in the truck

Persons 3,4,5: Civs standing around

These don't really need to be professional at all, it's just for a short demo-mission example for my new project, the mission is at most like 5 minutes, for perspective. It's not really about the mission itself, but rather a demo of the end result and implimentation. Just recording the lines should be good enough. The roles are ideally meant to be played by different people, but if you can vary your voice enough to "be" a different person, that'd be fine also. I was going to do all the recordings myself, but I thought that'd be a little weird.

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Hey, Dreaded. I'm no voice actor, but I put together Person 1.

As JayNic mentioned, I didn't know the context. So I sent files both with some EQ, removing lower frequencies (better for radio transmissions), and without. They're already in .ogg, although I might have forgotten to give them a volume boost after exporting from Ableton Live. You can always amplify them, but let me know if you need them louder!

I'm sending you a PM with the link.

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