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New French Civil mod / Nouveau mod Civil Francais

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I would much rather see you guys upload a ton of cool stuff that ISNT in English, then upload 1 or 2 things just because it's in English.

Just because it's in French, should not be a artificial barrier to sharing it.

I agree with you that the language should not be a barrier, I make myself the effort to present my addons also in English!

I can tell you that the French are often refused on RolePlay servers "UK" (I had the problem, and yet I tried to apply myself)

I said that maybe we would give some of the addons in public. (note that there is a lot of private COMMUNAUTY who do not give their addons !!)

But the reactions of some people, do not give desire "to give addons". because they judge without knowledge and without even trying to understand why !

Our project is "much larger" than a "server Altis life". we want to create a "COMPLETE GAME" in Arma (under license!) As creators of "DAYZ

hence the fact that we want to keep Addons exclusivity (for now!)

When I said "We will see What will happen in the future."

I heard in that nothing is fixed, it is possible that if the demand is high... one can dream opening "English,..." server or other ... (but we are not yet!)

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Yes I see.

May be a bit of a unrealistic goal for a commercial sale, but I will not judge, because for all I know you could have many unseen Addons.

Good luck, and I wish I will be able to play some of your Adonis in the future, in a non server restricted nature.

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same msg in english :

Thank you to VIP3R for financing and organizing the server. Thank you to PATTON, MAUF, BIBI-999 and MADELINOT for the project. Thank you to OREL KA for the creation of the mission and have spent many hours teaching me how scripts .Without you all the project would be too intense. All Adepts car should say a big Thank you to our Patton Mechanic car in our project (thanks to him we can get the true value of the vehicles in real life) that others do not know: P Thanks Patton !!! Thank you to Bibi-999 for his participation on Gendarmeries addons. Thank you to Mauf for participating on Firefighter addons. THANKS TO THE COMMUNITY A3LEF

Hi, I am happy to show this post on Bis Forum. Patton, Mauf, Bibi and I-999 (Madelinot) create a new French civil mod, but it is written in French and nothing is done in English.

on this subject, I will upload some picture of our work on bulldozer (it will create animals, cars, houses, bridges, the vegetation, animations, a map, maybe even the characters.)

for now we only have one vehicle almost complete but we are not satisfy 100%, we are building on the model, we have over 20 vehicle Active on arma 3 They are not comparable to ours almost complete vehicle

for Multi-Player Mission I started in March 2013 I have already released a first version with Orel ka on the LISF server in June 2013 . In July 2013 I abandoned the project (following in my abandonment, LISF server was close). I waited for the tools and the game engine is more evolved. Since March 2014 I started the project in a Francophone community with A3LEF Appointed as Team Leader: Vip3r. That's where I met Patton, Mauf, Bibi-999 .We 4 friends who are working on all kinds of addons .So, a mission well underway, a car almost full, a map under construction

and as Patton says all the time, nothing is impossible.

For French: A3LEF is a community of French-speaking, there is no active task on the server .All information will be posted in advance of the forum A3LEF: http://a3lef.tgael.info/

Who says crazy project, said crazy time. be patient.

If you speak French and you are serious, we are on the TeamSpeak A3LEF.FR. We are looking for addons makers with experience. Inexperienced we can accept you, but nothing is guaranteed: the Only Criterion ARE Required: Be patient. Have autonomy (able to search on google etc), Be Respectful and honest. The more we are many and much faster we will see the launch of a mod .Our age is between 15 and 40 years.We are not looking for addons maker, which only retexturage addons already on release as many 'addons makers do. We want the original, that is to say, push the limits (to support the addon, example: a damaged vehicle ,you will see the car broken). Basically, we dont want to make it easy

edit your first post and copy this!!!!

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i post a picturs of my work (gendarmerie car)

this a "308 GTi"

http://i.imgur.com/SCpb2Fw.png (417 kB)

http://i.imgur.com/yOPwIMh.png (413 kB)

"308 Gti Tunning"

http://i.imgur.com/WYRORBX.png (300 kB)

http://i.imgur.com/roBOPye.png (360 kB)

And a photo of my gendarme uniform (Adjudant)

http://i.imgur.com/11BohnZ.png (627 kB)

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Very nice models and the attention for all the surrounding details is impressive. Cheers

Thank !

MikeTim : ( Free Game :P )

Edited by Mauf

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