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Is there any MP game mode that doesn't have a money system

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^ That sounds really cool but certainly not a casual MP game mode since you will need a good size dedicated team of players to make all the logistics work.


I can see this being popular with experienced clans but not public servers... that would be a mess.


U are absolutely right about this. But we felt the logistics aspect is something that comes too short in almost every ArmA game. In most public TvT modes a pilot can land on an airfield and just magically rearm and repair his plane on some kind of service station. A fighter jet or even a tank is a mighty weapon, but needs a good amount of effort to keep running. In our mission a jet needs to be refueld by a service team (ACE refuel) and the missiles and bombs don't come from nowhere. Fuel and missiles have to be actively "ordered" by the service team, have to reach the airfield (by transport plane for example) and need to be transported by the logistics team. A fighter cant just spam his rockets into the enemy - he has to be carefull and wise about the use of his arming and his vehicle, preferably in combination with a JTAC. There might be situations where the complete airforce of a team has to stay on the ground because there isn't any fuel left or the bombs are all out. We know that this isn't for anybody, but we felt the need for some kind of challenging gamemode where the coop play of a team and the strategic decisions of the team leaders prevail over lone wolf run&gun players. Thats the reason we integrated ACE and TFAR. We hope this will be something milsim clans are interested in.

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Problem is after an YEARS (!!!) Arma still have no native good PvP multiplayer mode.

All most popular and playable - are mods. 'King of the Hill' - it is mod. Other are mod also, and you forced to download and install and care for actuality of 20-40 Gb mods.


Arma just an 'erector set' and all put under care of community. Really sad.


I'm play just 'KotH' and nothing else good for me. Arma series really need native 'BF-2 like' MP PvP game mode.

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