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Markers seen in these images are just a small sample of what is included, NOT the entire content!



USP Flags - 212 World Flags
USP Markers - 212 World Markers
USP Markers Extra - 254 Additional World Markers
USP Markers Factions - 195 Faction Markers
USP Markers Fictional - 26 Fictional Markers

Each addon is standalone, and only requires USP_Markers_Core (Included) to function.

Required Addons: None
Signed: Yes, Server Key included




This long overdue update includes a few new markers as well as an overhauled file structure. Server key and signatures have been fixed and 2 new pbo's have been added (Details further ahead). Classnames have been updated accordingly, as well as a classlist provided, and compatible with the 3D Editor. Overall, just looking to bring this addon back up to speed.


USP_Markers_Core.pbo is now required by all other addons in order to function properly. Each addon is standalone and only requires the Markers Core.


USP_Flags.pbo is a new inclusion for this update, adding placeable flagpoles in the editor. Currently, it includes all of the world flags that are present in the USP_Markers addon (All countries of the world). Future updates may feature flags from some of the other Marker addons as well, such as factions and pmc groups.


This addon is very low priority for me, as can be seen with how long it's been since the last update, but I do try to keep anything I've released operating for the long-run. So, on that note, don't expect to see anymore updates from this for awhile, aside from the occasional hotfix. Hope you all enjoy the addon and always feel free to post comments or requests on the forums.



  • usp_flags.pbo
  • usp_markers.pbo
  • usp_markers_core.pbo
  • usp_markers_extra.pbo
  • usp_markers_factions.pbo
  • usp_markers_fictional.pbo





  • ADDED: USP_Markers_Core.pbo
  • ADDED: USP_Flags.pbo
  • FIXED: Server Key and Signatures
  • CHANGED: File Structure and Classnames


  • UPDATED: World Markers Icon
  • ADDED: Flag (Arabic Union)


  • Initial Release




  • Not tested in Multiplayer


Credits and Thanks:

Author: Siege-A
Developer: UnderSiege Productionz


  • Vking (help with the marker sizes.)
  • DireOne (My official Steam Workshop representative.)


I would also like to thank the entire ArmA community for making this game so enjoyable by producing the many mods and scripts that we use today.
Finally, a big thank you to Bohemia Interactive for creating the ultimate military simulator.

Download Links:





©2014 by UnderSiege Productions
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License:


For a full review of the license, please refer to the documentation included.


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UnderSiege Flags & Markers v1.2, released. 4 New markers added. 2 New PBO's added. File Structure optimized. Server key and signatures fixed. First post updated.


As always, please use the dropbox link until others have been updated. Enjoy.  ;)



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Thanks Miller and Fox, lightning fast as always with those uploads.  ;)

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New mod v1.2 available at withSIX. Download now by clicking:


Hey Siege-A , you can upload updates or new mods to withSIX yourself now!

Make your own promo page, get the power to release your work at your own point of choosing.

To learn more, follow this guide.

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After being long overdue, USP Markers has made its way to Steam Workshop: 



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2 hours ago, GamerOnkel said:

hello can you fix the error message?


Yep, should be able to get that taken care of now that I know what was causing it.

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8 hours ago, starlord1214 said:

hey i have a question, dose this mod have us military unit/divisions flags or markers?


No it doesn't. There are some flags for the service branches if I recall right, but no specific units/divisions. If there are any in particular you are looking for, feel free to post them up as a request and I'll see about adding them in.

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