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[SP Campaign] Proxy Wars: Moschnyi

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Here's my  beta test for mission 1: Phase ONE.


I am afraid it does not work as advertised. A major letdown is the pitch black darkness... one would really expect top notch CIA specops to have NVGs available. If you insist on taking them away, such a scenario would fit any guerilla force much better. The briefing also never mentioned that the Satphone report in and the loading works automatically (the hint would be a good place for such an info). As fas as I understand the briefing, I just have to drive the truck found in the base back to my starting location. But alas, the mission never ends there.


Phase Two also has its problems. Killing off civvies and guards at the first two objectives works, but at the third one, there is just one civilian woman and a lone soldier, and I kill both at once with a grenade - so nobody runs away - yet the mission does not end as this objective is never ticked off. But I did appreciate the use of NVGs!


Phase Three was a walk in the park despite the highly unusual and very controversial mission objective. Like the other missions, it never ends, despite all objectives being ticked off and I am back at the base as per orders after approaching objective Echo.


Special Project A was even worse than the rest of the missions, with the last 2 objectives even not ticking off, the mission not ending, and the whole concept of "go from A to B and kill anything that moves" getting old by now.


Verdict: Imaginative background story, but unimaginative and bugged gameplay - lots of room to improve here.

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