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check if AI Group has less than 3 units

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So hello ARMA gods

i rolled in to a Problem with Checking if a Counter attack is defeated by the players.

i basically need a condition that checks if a Group has 3 or less men, since i dont want that the players need to hunt down 100% of the 2 groups.

i Played with a few conditions like that one below around but had no success.

(count (units GroupofAI)) < 3

Curently i use this in the condition: (count (units Rapc2)) == 0 AND (count (units Rapc3)) == 0

and yeah i dont like to be forced to kill all of the 2 Groups to go ahead.

thx in advance!

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I'm sorry, I meant:

count (units group AI_GROUP_LEADER) < 3

But in case the group leader died, it'd return zero, which most likely isn't what you want. I'll try and come back to this later when I get some free time.

PS: What. I just woke up. :lol: This works:

if (count (units AI_GROUP) < 3) then { hint "HI" };

Where AI_GROUP is defined via...

AI_GROUP = group this

...if you're running that on the units init line.

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