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  1. Hello arma folks, my question is it possible to restict the gear of Virtual arsenal to the classname of a soldier? example: if a MG-gunner want to acress VA he has only acress to LMG's and MG's as weapons. Is this even possible and if so how do i make it? sry if already asked and sry 4 Bad english^^
  2. FOX Dome

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    any sneak peak of what we can expect? :bounce3:
  3. Hi Kju. about my Anim bug it was a Sound mod (@san6) that caused this .... sry ^^
  4. hello guys, First Thx for your hard work on this mod, and keep up the good stuff :cool: Anyone else has strange Animations when using an M1 Garand rifle? (is it a Bug or did i something wrong on the install?) (pic)
  5. FOX Dome

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    EDIT: nvm.... i found my mistake .... now everything works Keep up your good work!
  6. Great mod Keep up the good work one question: when will you start working on Vehicles? (loved the E3 vehicles)
  7. FOX Dome

    ASR AI 3

    anyone else got problems with asr_ai3 and servers? Like server Running ASR_AI3 wont start without error msg? Edit: we Found our issue .... @CAF_AG_1.5 (with sound hotfix) some how will not work with ASR_AI3 on server
  8. ok sry 4 the title... and @ L3TUC3 thx will try it after work edit: nope wont work we all got the "Become a member to get a patch" massage ^^ edit2 : works sry was to dump to use it...
  9. Hi all, I have a simple Question may someone can awnser its for a mission, is it possible to give a Player (With player-ID) a Insignia via script? So for example: Member A gets his unique insignia Member B gets his unique insignia Member C gets his unique insignia and so on ... ?
  10. Anyone else having Problems with Markers not getting placed with mcc_rc7? any Help? Edit: Okay, I got this issue Because of the Respawn Tamplate from bis wich i use for my mission. Following codes Cause my Issue: allowFunctionsRecompile = 1; allowFunctionsLog = 0; with out this Everything works now, exept my Units spawning Random on 3 FOB's but thats not a big deal ... anyway Keep up your great work.
  11. hi i found a few bugs in rc 7, at least i think they are bugs i cant place markers anymore via MCC. ALT+LC is now again the 3d mcc editor instad of the Zeus Editor (bug ?) Cargo menu in Zeus glitch when monitor ratio is 16:9. Keep up your great Work.
  12. Awesom weapons keep up your good work :cool: btw: can you also make a G3A3 with m203 GL? thx in advance
  13. okay but new idear How about switchplayer in Multiplayer? So the loadout script starts Creats a new unit(examp: an engeener) and the player gets switched to the "new" unit and than gets his Gear is that possible?
  14. Hello guys I have a Question is it possible to change a Players Soldierclass in a Running mission to a different class? Example : B_soldier_f becomes B_soldier_Engeener and gets the Engeener skill or is there an alternative like Give Every unit the Engeener/Demo/Medicman Skills.