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Error loading A2OA with CWR2 mod.

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I've installed windows 8.1 on a new machine and re installed arma2 anniversary edition (via steam)


as was installed before on my old machine.

ran all of them once, even joined a multiplayer game to verify all is ok with battleye and all...

Now,trying to load arma2oa with cwr2 MOD results in this error:

addon cwr2_sounds requires addon CA_Dubbing_counterattack

followed by another error:

bin config.bin/cfgweapons/cwr2_bizon/burst/:cannot find base class 'burst'

and then the game crashes.

Searching through the web I've found a "solution" to copy all my Addons folder from ARMA2 into ARMA2OA folder.

it worked - but it sucks... why do I have to add another 8GB of Addons data when it run fine without it on my old machine??

is there a solution to make it work with no "workarounds" like this??

I love my pc lean and clean...I hate "solutions" like that...

many thanks!

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