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  1. Hi, I've installed windows 8.1 on a new machine and re installed arma2 anniversary edition (via steam) Only ArmA2+BAF+OA+PMC as was installed before on my old machine. ran all of them once, even joined a multiplayer game to verify all is ok with battleye and all... Now,trying to load arma2oa with cwr2 MOD results in this error: addon cwr2_sounds requires addon CA_Dubbing_counterattack followed by another error: bin config.bin/cfgweapons/cwr2_bizon/burst/:cannot find base class 'burst' and then the game crashes. Searching through the web I've found a "solution" to copy all my Addons folder from ARMA2 into ARMA2OA folder. it worked - but it sucks... why do I have to add another 8GB of Addons data when it run fine without it on my old machine?? is there a solution to make it work with no "workarounds" like this?? I love my pc lean and clean...I hate "solutions" like that... many thanks!
  2. I'm using your latest version - MP and Single player addons together (1.09) , with A2 beta (102678). when it loads it does say it has over 800 houses calculated...
  3. I've tried it as you suggested with 0 flickers, but I saw no change. You can notice it easily in the western entrance of the mosque. Thanks again!
  4. I did try this in the editor always at the same time... (21:15) and it worked only once... changed to 22:15 ans WHAM... :) look great now! Thank you. P.S. I'm now trying it on A2 OA, In Zargabad in the mosque the lighting looks very strange, heavy flickering, lights go on/off, look buggy... known issue? or my issue... ? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the addon! unfortunately, I saw it load once in stratis, but later, after reloading ARMA again it stopped working for although it is loaded (Hint is loaded). I use it with Saku lightsfx (also tried without) and selected 100% of houses lighted. strange thing is that with NV on I can see as if the lights inside a house are lit, but removing NV - pitch dark. Any ideas?? Thanks!
  6. ron533

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    +1 Thanks for this software! Would be great to adapt it to A3!
  7. Hi Dwarden, Can you specify which optimizations have you implemented? Are you planning to embed more options from SweetFX like saturation, which I personally miss in game, and even make it adjustable (i.e. slider..) and not only presets?? Just for those reasons I disable it in game and use the external implementation, But I think, and wish, you will implement more in game, to make things tidy and foolproof :) Thanks!
  8. Posted in DH a request for Fallujah island. [sorry for the accidental multipost there, clean it up pls :) ]
  9. ron533

    Sti A-10

    Same here, transparent plane with ACE2 (1.10) only the ammo loadouts and pilot with canopy visible, but the plane itself pure stealth.... :) any workaround?? Thanks for the great paintjob!
  10. ron533

    Team Shadow - Sniper Campaign

    Thanks for the reply! The above issue happened to me in all missions so far, when the spotter is my teammate. In Red October mission, at the start I'm still alone, so until I hookup with him - It's OK. Cheers!
  11. ron533

    Team Shadow - Sniper Campaign

    Thank you for inspiring me to learn how to snipe, Your campaign made me seriously study and really enjoy the sniper role for the first time!!! :) Currently I'm during the "Red October" mission, Ver 0.92, latest Stable ACE 1.10, with KH_OA_ACE Addon pack (used on the "kelly's heroes" Clan server) Now I've Stumbled upon upon some issues here: 1. whenever I fire when I'm sniper - I immediately and automatically switch to spotter position, on every shot using rifle or hand gun... I have to manually switch back to sniper which I assume is not meant to be played that way. spotting mode was off. 2. On the Hog mission, I really have to get close to the AA sites to make them recognized. I can spot them from ~500m or more, but I had to get as close as 200m the the northern AA site and uselessly risk my self just "find" it again at 200m... I spot them as a "Tank" though you can see it's a Tunguska at 500m out or father. seems like trees or bushes partially obscure the games ID logic or something... maybe you can "actively" ID them somehow?? 3. I've tried to range stuff with the "range me" action and it replies 5123 m... or so sometimes, I guess it is related to the above issue when bushes partially obscure an object. 4. The radio commands Spotting mode ON and Disable AI movement seems to do them same thing - the spotter just freezes in his place. what is the difference? why would I need the spotter scope for? is it just for the spotters use? I can do well with the Rangefinder Bino... 5. I can take in my gear only 1 item like earplugs or kestrel (and another stuff I cant remember now) and it shows in my gear as 2 items, i.e. I take 1 Kestrel and it show I have 2 kestrel's, and it would replace the earplugs I have taken before which also shows as 2 items even though I took only 1. Maybe it's an ACE related issue, but when I played online with the same mod I have no such issue. Thanks again for a wonderful immersive campaign!! Cheers! Ron
  12. @ sickboy, First thanks for the release!!! you posted that there is a new CBA (157) here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1903214&postcount=277 but this last version uses the old 156 CBA??? thanks
  13. Sure, link it here so we can all enjoy it :) And a signature can very much help! Is it possible to toggle the option on/off? (asking too much ehh?... :) Many thanks!!!
  14. Hi, Topic + Is there a way to ease the load on our eyes and disable/hide the messages of players in MP connecting/disconnecting with all their addons? too many lines that just interfere with game play and distract you. Any addon that handles this annoyance?? Thanks!!