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Sample Models and Licensed Data Packs

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Hello modders! Bohemia Interactive a.s. has released sample files and data from their games for the community, to learn from examples, base their own creations on the existing content, and expand the Armaverse. These packs include configuration files, material files, 3D models, textures, animations as well as complete game data in the form of PBOs. The public data packages are released under Bohemia Interactive's content licenses, established to support the creative community evolving around its titles, and to set clear rules for the use of both Bohemia Interactive's and user-made content.

Note that previous releases of sample model packages are replaced by the new ones, with new licenses applied to the content.

You can learn more including the download links at http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Public_Data.

We recommend to download the data using our torrents. Due to high demand the direct download links may be overloaded.

Overview of the packages:

  • Arma 1 Sample Models - Re-release of the Arma 1 complete sample models pack under new licenses, in ZIP archives divided according to the licenses applied.
  • Arma 2 Sample Models - The pack of sample models and animations from Arma 2 and its expansions; contains unbinarized models, configs, model configs, RVMATs and scripts from Arma 2 including all DLCs in ZIP archives divided according to the licenses applied.
  • Arma Licensed Data Pack - Binarized data from the Arma series (from CWC to A2:CO) in PBO files. The purpose of this package is to clearly identify which game data is licensed for public use and modification, and what are the related conditions and requirements.
  • Sahrani Community Package - This archive contains source data for the Sahrani island from Arma 1 (Armed Assault), licensed under (APL-SA).
  • Take On Helicopters Data Pack - Binarized data from the Take On Helicopters series in PBO files.

Happy editing, folks! :)

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We have yet another great package of licensed data to share with you! The vast majority of binarized game data (PBO) from Take On Helicopters (including Take On Helicopters: Hinds) has been published under 2 licenses (APL-SA & TOPL-SA). Therefore, you may use this data to create derivatives for use in TKOH and the Arma games!

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