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Rain pattern camo pack

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Currently only on steam, will put on armaholic once I've finished a few more

Rain pattern camo pack v1.0





I put together a little re-texture to add a bit of a Warsaw Pact/80's feeling to the green side on request for some friends and thought I would share.

I plan to add some more variations to the pack once I've completed another project I'm busy with... so if you have a suggestion feel free to post it.


Added some new textures (TTsKO) and new Officer units. Note that currently all units are capable as medics, I may make a medic unit eventually.

Included files:



Units can be found under independent side => Faction: ROMEO MIKE



Uniform Arid Rain: U_ov_rmuniform_rain

Uniform Arid Rain Short Sleeve: U_ov_rmuniform_rain_ss

Uniform Arid Rain Officer: U_ov_rmuniform_rain_of

Uniform Bulgarian Frogskin: U_ov_rmuniform_frog

Uniform Bulgarian Frogskin Short Sleeve: U_ov_rmuniform_frog_ss

Uniform Bulgarian Frogskin Officer: U_ov_rmuniform_frog_of

Uniform TTsKO: U_ov_rmuniform_ttsko

Uniform TTsKO Short Sleeve: U_ov_rmuniform_ttsko_ss

Uniform TTsKO Officer: U_ov_rmuniform_ttsko_of

Uniform TTsKO Green: U_ov_rmuniform_ttskogrn

Uniform TTsKO Green Short Sleeve: U_ov_rmuniform_ttskogrn_ss

Uniform TTsKO Green Officer: U_ov_rmuniform_ttskogrn_of

Uniform Arid Rain Boonie: H_ov_rmboonie_Rain

Uniform Bulgarian Frogskin Boonie: H_ov_rmboonie_Frog

Uniform TTsKO Boonie: H_ov_rmboonie_TTSKO

Uniform TTsKO Green Boonie: H_ov_rmboonie_TTSKOGRN


Arid pattern unit: RMIKE_Soldier_F

Arid pattern unit Short Sleeve: RMIKE_Soldier_SS_F

Arid pattern unit Officer: RMIKE_Officer_F

Bulgarian Frogskin unit: RMIKE_Soldier_Frog_F

Bulgarian Frogskin unit Short Sleeve: RMIKE_Soldier_SS_Frog_F

Bulgarian Frogskin unit: RMIKE_Officer_Frog_F


TTsKO Unit Short Sleeve: RMIKE_Soldier_SS_TTSKO_F

TTsKO Unit Officer: RMIKE_Officer_TTSKO_F

TTsKO Green Unit: RMIKE_Soldier_TTSKOGRN_F

TTsKO Green Unit Short Sleeve: RMIKE_Soldier_SS_TTSKOGRN_F

TTsKO Green Unit Officer: RMIKE_Officer_TTSKOGRN_F

Thanks to Romeo Mike for suggestions and Armaholic (Foxhound) for the host

download at armaholic

Change log:


- Added Officer Unit

- Added TTsKO camo type x2

- Added medic ability


- Texture Cleanup

- Many class name changes. Beware!


- Initial Release


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New version frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.


We have also "connected" these pages to your account on Armaholic.

This means in the future you will be able to maintain these pages yourself if you wish to do so. Once this new feature is ready we will contact you about it and explain how things work and what options you have.

When you have any questions already feel free to PM or email me!

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Love it man.... Need more of these uniform addons. Love the SP pack but he never does a uniform with the blouse and pants only the modern type of shirt for body armor. This is great because it has both. Keep it up. I really hope to see more. Would love to see one with 40s and 50s duckhunter style bdus.


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Working on an update:

Have added the insignia hidden selections so that you may use your own badges: Link

New Chinese Dark Green Camo: Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4

Almost done. Might throw in another camo if I can find something cool

*Insignia is not in pack

** Gun is here

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