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EPM RCon Tool (Beta) Changelog and Information

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Hello, i'm using EPM RCon right now because i'm bored of DaRT. The only suggestion I could make, would be to add the country (from the ip) before the name of each player, like this


I second this suggestion as well. Would be great to see in EPM.

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This is by far the best one I've found so far. Works good and no annoying popups like "Please donate now" and crap like that.

Thanks for this!

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English :

Hello, I would like to come and ask for your help
We have a dedicated server, we format the machine for all reset to zero, all works except the Rcon, impossible to do it re-operated

I created the folder beserver_x64.cfg and filled in the information
The ports of the machine are well opened ...

I try in the config folder, in the root folder arma3, and in the tadst folder
Nothing works

Also I can not find any active Battleye file when I run the server
Thank you for your help


French :

Bonjour, je me permet de venir demander votre aide
Nous avons un serveur dedié, nous avons formater la machine pour tous remetre à zero, tous fonctionne sauf le Rcon, impossible de le faire refonctionné

J'ai bien creer le dossier beserver_x64.cfg et renseigné les informations
Les ports de la machines sont bien ouvert...

J'ai essayer dans le dossier config, dans le dossier racine arma3, et dans le dossier tadst
Rien ne fonctionne

De plus je ne trouve aucun fichier Battleye active quand je lance le serveur
Merci de votre aide


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I've noticed one small  flaw, it doesn't accept addresses like proultraserver.exampleserver.com being saved.
Manually putting it in the save .XML don't work either. Not the end of the world, but would be kinda nice for people with dynamic IPs (that change).

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